24hour option

24hour option

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Royal Mail 24hour Shipping - General Selling on Amazon

I have used Special Delivery today for a must be delivered Saturday parcel which leaves me making a loss on the sale. But rather than risk it not arriving on time, until I could be sure they would delivery with RM 79 tracked, I was afraid to use it. It was just one order so not too concerned about the loss on that.

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This consumer to broker to local florist system has proven to be problematic in that the broker takes an enormous percentage of the sale price of the order and often the resulting delivered order is not what the consumer wanted in the first place. Local florists have been complaining for years that the broker takes so much of the sales price in fees that very little is left for the local florist to properly fill the order.

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Thanks, I eventually was told I could continue to use existing carrier until Royal Mail is set up. So today we have RM now set up, but, there is always a but.

This might be a little off topibc but, we’re looking into SFP & postage & understand tracked RM services are required, for next day delivery, but can’t see if there is a cut off time for orders. Are you expected to send a traced order for example for next day delivery that is received at . It has to be picked packed & taken to the PO before . Any info appreciated.

Just be careful with using RM 79 Tracked for SFP.
the 79 service “Aims” for next day delivery but they don’t guarantee it of course , so if you use it then your metrics may take a hit for late deliveries.

The only acceptable delivery process is RM 79 and 98 with tracking for some sellers on Prime not Amazon Delivery. So if that is what they insist you use and RM don’t do the delivery ontime, how are you supposed to make this work.

Yes they do deliver Tracked 79 (and 98) on a Saturday. If you are thinking of going Seller Fulfilled Prime and using Royal Mail then you are only allowed to use the Tracked 79 and Tracked 98 services.

I had to send one order last nght by Special Delivery for Saturday and it costs a fortune. I am just exasperated that they have set the orders up for Saturday delivery before properly activating my OBA link with Amazon. The only thing that still needs to be done is from their side. That is 8 weekends now I have had to accept a loss on prime orders, because the only way I can get them delivered on Saturday is by using Special Delivery. The annoying thing is there have hardly been any orders these weeks then suddenly what did arrive was Saturday delivery.

Royal Mail 79 is not a guaranteed next day service, they advertise this as 6-7 working days, so is not actually suitable for prime delivery, tracked 79 is more likely to make it than standard Royal Mail 79.

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Also Amazon have not set up their system to print the labels correctly. I need them to be 6x9 and it seems to be A9 the thermal printer only prints 6x9. Why does everything have to be so difficult, can they not just make things work correctly and have a choice of the right size of label options for what you are sending.

Our mission is to directly connect consumers to local florists without a middleman and to provide a 655% satisfaction guarantee on all orders.

A lot of the delay on this was caused by RM initially but now it is Amazon. This is has been such a hassle to set up. I never expected it to take well over 8 weeks to get RM to set up a business account. The problem was my account manager went off work unwell and the whole process sat around with nobody else dealing with her work. Then eventually after me phoning them several times, it was assigned to another mannager.

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