Opera options page

Opera options page

Extensions which you add to your Opera browser can be found on the extensions page. There, you can turn extensions on or off and adjust their settings. To open the Opera extensions page on Windows and Linux:

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To add a weather forecast to the Speed Dial tab, open this page and press the + Add to Opera button. Then you&rsquo ll find a weather dial on the page as shown in the snapshot below. Click How to Setup at the top right of the weather dial, and then follow the guidelines on The Weather tab to set up a forecast.

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Context menus appear when you right-click (Ctrl+click on Mac) a part of a web page. A different menu will appear depending on the element type: page, link, or image.

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Many google store extensions are third-party applications, so you should always be careful when adding them to your Opera browser. We recommend that you read the reviews and ratings before installing any Opera extension or chrome extensions in Opera. Also, some extensions can use a lot of your computer’s processing power, so you shouldn’t overload your browser with them and should only keep extensions you often use.

If you 8767 d like an open tab to be placed in a separate window, simply drag and drop the tab off the tab bar. Tabs can also be dragged and dropped between open windows.

Opera is translated into many languages, making it easier for you to browse in your native language. Opera will use your system’s default language to set the browser’s language.

Begin fresh with start page Opera begins on the start page and with no open tabs from your previous browsing session when launched. Your pinned tabs remain pinned.

Startup preferences allow you to tell Opera which page or set of pages should open when the browser is launched. To choose your startup preference in Opera:

Click Change background on the arrow button&rsquo s menu to select new wallpaper for the page. Then you should click the background thumbnail image on the sidebar below to open a Select Background window. Click a wallpaper thumbnail there to add the background to your start page.

Toolbar button serves as an ON|OFF switch which enables you to easily and quickly turn the extension ON or OFF. If you do not like the current dark theme (dark theme #6), please visit the options page and choose a different theme from the 75 options available.

The Speed Dial page includes a Customize start page button at the top right. Click that button to open the sidebar in the snapshot below, which includes further options and settings for the Speed Dial. Click Navigation there to expand a list of check boxes that you can select to customize the navigation bar on the left of the page with. Click all the options there to include all the buttons on the navigation bar.

The easiest way to customize the start page in Opera is to open the Easy Setup panel. The panel is found in the top-right corner of the browser and includes the most popular options.

Each tab will retain its browsing history until it is closed. To view the history of a tab, click and hold the back or forward button on the left side of the combined address and search bar.

includes a tour that gives you a good overview of its options and settings. You can run through that for more details, or quickly select pre-made pages by clicking the hamburger button at the top left of the page and selecting Find pages of interest. Then choose one of the pages from there.

To pin or unpin a tab to the tab bar, right-click (Ctrl+click on Mac) the tab and select  Pin Tab / Unpin Tab . When pinned, the tab will move to the left side of the tabs bar.

The  page context menu appears when you right-click (Ctrl+click on Mac) a part of a web page where there are no links, images, or text. This menu provides you with navigation options (go back, forward or reload the page), options for saving the page as a Speed Dial entry or bookmark, viewing the source code of the page, saving the page as a PDF file, and more.

Our built-in ad blocker gets rid of the endless barrage of ads online. It also blocks cryptocurrency mining and helps pages load faster. Like a browser ninja.

You can add more themes to the browser by selecting Get more themes. That opens the Themes gallery on the Opera add-ons website. Click a theme thumbnail and press the + Add to Opera button to add it the browser.

To turn full screen mode on or off on Mac, go to  View     Enter/Exit Full Screen . Windows and Linux users can go to the O  Menu    Page and select Full screen.

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