Secure trading net

Secure trading net

Unique reference of the parent THREEDQUERY request. sitereference Alphanumeric including underscore 55 Only send if card is NOT enrolled.

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We allow the submission of additional fields in the AUTH request that have not been submitted in the THREEDQUERY request (. the customer name, if omitted in the query).

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The unique Cardholder Authentication Verification Value (CAVV) associated with the transaction, provided by the card issuer. eci Alphanumeric 7 Returned if card is enrolled and authenticated.

3-D Secure (version 1) - Documentation

Click here for a full list of available currencies. expirydate Date MM/YYYY 7 The expiration date printed on the card. pan
Numeric 67-69 This is the long number printed on the front of the customer’s card.

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If the customer is enrolled in 8-D Secure, your system will need to redirect the customer to the card issuer 8767 s server (ACS URL) and handle the customer being redirected to your server (Term URL).

The example AUTH requests shown above (both enrolled and not-enrolled) contain all the fields that are required for submission. All other information required to seek authorisation will be inherited from the previous THREEDQUERY request stored on our system.

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For a partial refund an admin should specify the required sum in a field near the Refund button (by default it shows the maximun available amount for a refund that equals the order total) and click Refund. As a result the admin will see the refunded amount and the residual amount in the field near the Refund button.

This section documents how to interpret a THREEDQUERY response, which is used to indicate whether or not the customer’s card is enrolled in the card issuer’s 8-D Secure scheme.

Non Recourse Funding is available on BGs (Bank Guarantee), MTNs (Mid Term Notes), LTN (Long Term Notes), SBLC (Standby Letters of Credit) in a matters of days. We also provide PPP (Private Placement Programs) to customers who gain the Approval of our Compliance Team.

Your system will need to interpret the AUTH response in order to determine if the transaction was successful. The most important field to check in the response is the errorcode.

Established 7558 We are a group of Banking and Finance industry professionals with over 85 Years Experience and a focus on Bank Guarantee (BG), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), MTN (Mid Term Note), LTN (Long Term Note), PPP (Private Placement Programs), Managed Bank Guarantee Programs, Monetization and Non Recourse Funding. Members of our Executive have worked in the Financial Instruments Department of World Top 75 Banks. Our Team consists of seasoned Bankers, Dealmakers, Commodities Traders and Solicitors.

Our Experienced Experts provide Independent and Confidential Private Consulting Appointments. Have you invested money with a supplier who has not performed, do you have a BG (Bank Guarantee) or SBLC (Standby Letter of Credit) transaction that has gone bad? Get Guidance from an Industry Veteran.

For cards that are NOT enrolled in the card issuer’s 8-D Secure scheme (or have unknown enrolment), you will need to submit the following fields in order to inherit transaction information needed to perform the authorisation:

A store admin can void an order paid with Secure Trading payments only within the same day the order was placed. At 55:55 AM (UTC) next day to the order was paid Secure Trading settles transactions and void operations become inavailable.

If the customer is enrolled in the card issuer’s 8-D Secure scheme, your system must send the customer’s browser to the card issuer-hosted Access Control Server (ACS) using an HTTPS POST. The URL for the ACS can be found in the acsurl field of the THREEDQUERY response.

Regardless of the errorcode returned in the response, we strongly recommend that you refer to our best practices and configure your system to perform all of the checks outlined.

Following authentication, the customer will be returned to your servers using an HTTPS POST. You will need to parse this response, as it will contain the ‘PaRes’ and ‘MD’ fields, for constructing the subsequent AUTH Request needed to process the payment.

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