Spotoption review

Spotoption review

In my experience, the major weakness of the platform was the trading portfolio feature.  When opening this feature, active positions are not displayed unless you choose specific data and time parameters.  I found this to be especially troublesome because it gives the impression that there are no open positions when, in fact, there might be.  This can be a risky occurrence, especially for short term traders looking to open and close trades quickly. 

SpotOption Platform Review

Another valuable feature found by the SpotOption binary options platform review is the instruments filtering. The platform allows normal filtering between:

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Visual appearance is very important when it comes to trading platforms because it demonstrates how easy the platform is to use. The more effective the interface is, the easier it will be to find suitable financial assets you should invest it. The appearance of SpotOption is somewhat basic where you will find normal action buttons such as ‘’CALL’’ and ‘’PUT’’. The only drawback in the visual appearance is that the action buttons are very flashy and this is can be distracting to many traders sometimes.

Profits are available up to 95%, and out of money rewards are available up to 65%. The 95% is much higher than the typical 75-85% which most brokers offer. This is just one more outstanding feature of SuperOptions.

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Land-Based: You might be wondering why in the world traders would gather at a physical location to conduct their business? Think about it like this. We humans are social creatures. We gather at coffee shops, sports bars, libraries and elsewhere to conduct activities we could very easily do in the privacy of our home, choosing instead the presence of others. Opening a physical retail location allows traders to gather for strategy, commiseration, jubilation and - perhaps more importantly - to buy the snacks, drinks, and other items you have thoughtfully provided to make the experience more enjoyable for them and more profitable for you. This face-to-face social interaction is a powerful idea that shouldn&rsquo t be overlooked, even in the Social Media Age.

SpotOption’s most significant features are its flexibility. Even though it has a special section for beginners, it also shines when it comes to advanced options for traders who would like to employ advanced trading strategies. The platform also offers traders with One Touch Options. Trades will also be able to use two different mods which are FastTrader or ProTrader. This means that you will have various options to select from and enjoy the trading process as much as possible.

The platform also offers one of the most useful additions to the typical Binary Options platform, which is the “Options Builder.”  This is a highly valuable tool, as it allows traders to structure their risk management plans by offering customized expiry times and risk profiles. The new and improved Spot7 version adds Pair trading which pits one asset against another and compares their performance. The trader consequently profits if he/she chose the better performing asset. In all, the platform is very clearly structured and designed for efficient use. 

SuperOptions keeps its account tiers simple. The educational resources and trading tools they offer are available to all their traders, regardless of account size. At different tiers, different bonuses are available. The company does not force you to accept a bonus (which is good). If you would like, you can request up to 75% on $65,555. If you deposit $755 or more, you have the option of trading with a demo account. To do this, you must talk to a customer service agent first. A demo account is an indispensable learning tool, and most brokers do not offer them at all, so this is yet another standout feature on SuperOptions.

The most impressive aspect of the trading platform is its flexibility and clarity of use.  Trading choices are divided by tabs at the top of the platform, so the type of option contract can be chosen with little effort.  This is helpful because in some cases is it possible to make mistakes when placing trades (especially in short term intraday positions) and this level of clarity lessens the potential for opening an incorrect position.  Hedging positions is also possible, which is another nice flexibility feature.

indeed. even though we followed their api guidelines, nothing worked. after we spoke with the project manager assigned to us he was quite rude to us and NOT helpful at all. a big NO to spotoption!

One downside is the limited ability traders have to alter the trading station to tailor it to your individual needs or specific asset classes.  If this is important to you, you might want to look for another platform.  Newer traders, however, without much need to change their trading stations might actually find this preferable, as most of the features are already clearly laid out and easy to find.

Ladder : This is by far my favorite, mainly because traders can profit more if price goes further in their favor. Predefined strike prices are given to the trader, in a ladder style:

I made 6755 GBP profit at http:// 7 days ago they told me that they will refund my deposit amount but they cant pay the profit because of a system problem about my successfull trade. They are real scammers be aware.

In case you haven&rsquo t been paying attention, the Internet has changed the world slightly, perhaps nowhere more obviously than the financial markets. The advent of online trading in the past two decades has been nothing short of mind-blowing. What used to be the sole domain of governments, central banks, and billionaires is now wide open to anyone with a few hundred dollars to fund an account and a decent connection to the world wide web. The problem is where to start trading? The sheer number of brokers, platforms, assets, and markets can cause your plan to fund a retirement through trading to come to a screeching halt courtesy of analysis paralysis.
This article should help you sort things out and get up to speed on the incredible profit potential others like you are already taking advantage of.

Another negative was the trade confirmation window, which requires you to approve of your trade in a new window before it is actually executed.  While this might be preferable for some, more conservative traders, I consider this a negative as it reduces the flexibility for news trading by limiting trading speeds. 

The SpotOption platform has a strategy advisor which is an algorithm that predicts the trade direction (PUT/CALL) based on three technical indicators Moving Average, RSI and Bollinger Bands. The strategy advisor is free and automated.

Although I like their Forex and Ladder additions, I am not so impressed by this one for two reasons: first of all, I don’t know who are these people that I am supposed to copy. I don’t know their names and I cannot talk/chat with them and this kind of takes away from the social aspect of the iFollow. Second, I cannot be sure they are even real people. Call me paranoid, but the binary options industry is full of lies and this could be just a gimmick to make me think 8775 Oh, all those people make money so I will invest too 8776 .

Their customer service is the worst they are rude and totally non customer friendly. I called both phone numbers, the 696 number rang so many times then switched to what sounded like a fax machine transition. The second number there was no answer. So I decided to use their online chat, no one responded there either for quite some time. However when I was finally able to chat with someone and told them I just wanted to know what their withdrawal procedure was they refused to communicate further I waited for over an hour for their response…and they never even said bye. All these disconnections and short comings smell like a scam.

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