Stock index venezuela

Stock index venezuela

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"If the opposition takes over and oil goes up, then they won't need the IMF," says Noam Lupu, a Vanderbilt University professor and the director of the Latin America Public Opinion Project (LAPOP). "Otherwise, they will eventually need the IMF."

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As of Friday, the year-to-date return on the Venezuelan segment of the JP Morgan EMBI GD USD-denominated bond index was % as hedge fund gamblers bet on Maduro's ouster. Those bonds are like penny stocks today. They can go in either direction, with wild swings, all dependent on the prevailing winds of geopolitics.

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Investors are paying attention to every little shift in the balance of power between the government and the opposition, waiting to see which head commanders relinquish support for Maduro.

It may be forgiven if you missed this bull market, but consider that stocks in Venezuela are up over 78,555% in the past year. A large part of that rocket ride is due to hyperinflation, which is estimated recently to be at over 96,555%, but could accelerate to 6,555,555%.

We expect the government to continue to run wide fiscal deficits financed entirely by an expansion in base money, which will continue to fuel an acceleration of inflation as money demand continues to collapse, he writes. The government printing presses literally can't keep up, so three zeros will be lopped off of the bolivar on Aug. 9.

PSUV was created by the late Hugo Chavez. Many of the party's supporters, both in the shanty towns and in the military, were Chavez loyalists. It is unclear whether they will watch PSUV implode with Maduro in charge, or if they will retire Maduro and see if they can somehow bring the party back to life.

A shrewd minority are using the stock market as a sort of inflation-linked bank, buying shares to deposit cash and selling them to withdraw it. A favored stock is Banco Mercantil , which has businesses outside Venezuela, The Economist wrote recently.

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In addition, Gustavo Díaz (who, by day, apparently works at a Home Depot in Alabama) runs a website called DolarToday which publishes Venezuela currency rates for black-market dollars thus impacting the pricing of almost everything in the country. His website also features financial news stories that you won 8767 t find in Venezuela 8767 s state controlled media.

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"Regime change is the only game in town as far as Venezuelan bond markets are concerned," says Jan Dehn, head of research for the Ashmore Group and a PdVSA investor.

For now, PSUV enjoys the support of the courts and the military, which basically tell the courts what to do. Some rank-and-file members have deserted. And there have been a handful of higher commanders who have left, but you can count them on one hand. Maduro is going to stay until he loses the support of those military leaders. Assuming PSUV has no plan for reviving the economy, or opening its borders to international humanitarian aid, then Venezuela's physical economy will deteriorate further.

If Maduro leaves office in the next few months, a new Venezuelan government will want to cure the default as quickly as possible in order to be able to raise fresh funding to get the economy going.

"We do not own any Venezuela bonds," says James Barrineau, a bond fund manager for Schroders in New York. "There is absolutely no way to map out the most probable future over any investable time horizon and we believe that investors who hold the bonds are irrationally optimistic about recovery values for a country devastated by hyperinflation and shrinking in productive capacity daily. We sold bonds in April of have not owned since."

So far, stocks have provided an effective inflation hedge in Venezuela. How long that can continue as inflation rockets to 6,555,555% and the social and political conditions worsen. The collapse in economic activity, hyperinflation, and increasing deterioration in the provision of public goods (health care, electricity, water, transportation, and security) as well as shortages of food at subsidized prices have resulted in large migration flows, which will lead to intensifying spillover effects on neighboring countries, wrote Werner of the IMF.

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