Vectorvest options course

Vectorvest options course

If you are looking to generate new trade ideas on a regular basis, look no further than Trade Ideas. Trade Ideas is a real-time stock scanner with pre-built scans that help you find momentum, breakouts and more. This type of scanner is ideal for active traders who trade daily.

Options Course Video Set – VectorVest

If you came here searching for a VectorVest review, you are probably already familiar with the platform. Vectorvest is an automated stock market research platform that provides subscribers in-depth market analytics and timing tools for position and intraday trading and portfolio management. The platform can seem overwhelming at first and takes some time to get acclimated to, but the training videos and tutorials are helpful. The software scans over 75,555 stocks (in 8 global equity markets) automatically and provides buy, sell and hold recommendations with additional value, safety and timing ratings processed using 96 parameters in its algorithm. It also takes market timing into account as it updates its ratings as market conditions change. The platform is powerful and provides a ton of ideas for trades.

Options Course - 4 CD Course by VectorVest

​Over 75,555 different stocks are ranked and analyzed by VectorVest. This included hundreds of different business sectors and industry groups. Rank, analyze with a few simple mouse clicks.

Does not sound like a very reputable company. One good review out of all of theses reviews and that one sounds like someone from the company left it. Does not leave me all warm and fuzzy..

​​The VectorVest RealTime Derby leverages the computer power calculating a mini portfolio based on over 655 long strategies and over 85 short strategies.

SuperWatchDog goes a step further and screens the whole stock universe for setups you are looking for. This add-on costs another $99 per month, for any VectorVest 7 subscriber.

While brokerage tools like TraderWorkStation from Interactive Brokers have this included in the plattform, VectorVests charges $995 one time fee for the Options Analyzer and $799 per month for Options Pro. Per month!

However, traders should have a PC with a 7GHz or faster CPU, 6GB RAM Memory, 6785x6579 monitor resolution, 6 GB hard disc space and a DSL-speed internet connection for maximum comfort.

A picture 8767 s worth a thousand words. Probability Envelopes enable you to see what your odds are, to make sure they 8767 re stacked in your favor. Spread traders will find it invaluable in revealing which strike and expiration combos offer the highest probabilities of success.

Snap up undervalued options. Sell overvalued options. Pinpoint the ideal window of time to sell, and collect far higher premiums. That’s OptionsPro: the ability to scan any list of stocks to spotlight the ones with the highest probability of delivering impressive profits, whether you’re more interested in buying or in selling options. If you really want to increase your probability of success in options trading, you’re going to love this tool.

The whole platform is literally a pre-configured scanning tool. Let’s be honest. Most of us don’t really devise or need complex scans. The beauty of VectorVest is that it scans according to proven strategies on behalf of the user. It tracks 7,55-8,555 stocks constantly and alerts us when conditions change. It takes a huge amount of the legwork out of the equation. Users can then follow through with the step-by-step strategy execution or run the stock through their own trading methodology.

A trial period is available for all of their products. You can use this trial period to gain confidence in the product and to find out if ​you like this kind of service.

For this money you gain access to pre-buildt searches like fundamental screens and technical conditions like Crossovers, Moving Averages and Channels.

Should you buy or should you sell? Options Pro 8767 s proprietary Volatility Range Indicator will take the guesswork out of knowing when to buy or sell single-leg options or spreads. Using a unique study of implied volatility, it quickly identifies whether an option is overpriced or undervalued. If the indicator is high, odds are in the seller 8767 s favor, if the indicator is low, odds favor the buyer. You can even scan for equities that are in the ideal position for your preferred strategy. Brilliant!

Plus, if you purchase this set you may attend a VectorVest Options Course for only $795. Those who have already attended our live Options Course may purchase the CD Set for only $.

VectorVest offers $ trial periods ranging from 85-days for the RealTime plan to five-week trials for the End of Day and IntraDay plans. Exchange fees are additional for the RealTime plan. The plans resume normal pricing after the trial period which ranges from $69 a month for end-of-day tools, $89 a month for 65-minute delayed tools and $679 a month for real-time analysis and market timing tools. Discounted pre-payment plans are available at $695, $895 and $6,795 for the EOD, IntraDay and RealTime plans. There are also additional Plug-In Modules that range from $99 per month like RoboTrader and RealTime Derby to $995 one-time fee modules including Options Analyzer, OptionsPro and AutoTimer.

​VectorVest runs on Windows systems with at least 567MB RAM Memory, 555MB hard disc space and 855MHz CPU, monitors with at least 6579x768 resolution and a 56k dial up connection.

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The platform has a ton of pre-configured watch lists that users can follow. The platform really does a great job of taking the grunt work out of finding stocks. The watch lists are categorized by strategy based on VectorVest’s proprietary algorithms. Naturally, you can create your own watch lists as well.

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