Xtb trading scalping

Xtb trading scalping

As stated earlier, scalping is usually acceptable on ECN accounts because a commission is charged for trade entries and exits in addition to spreads. Furthermore, ECN brokers do not act as counterparties, so they have nothing to lose from traders making repeated small profits or losses from scalping. In contrast, market makers do not charge commissions on trades and act as counterparties to trades, so they stand to lose if traders keep making consistent profits from scalping. Many market makers do not allow scalping on their platforms.

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With superior execution on a reliable, award-winning platform, we're one of the largest stock exchange-listed CFD brokers in the world - and we're dedicated to helping you at every stage of your trading journey.

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As is the case with most brokers, XTB's rule is that while clients pay a commission in the form of a spread for CFDs, they do not incur any additional costs. Compensation therefore only takes the form of a "spread mark-up". This rule applies at least when choosing a "standard" account. When using a "pro" account, competitive commissions of € per lot become due, but no spread mark-up is charged.

XTB - Do not trade with them until you read this review

Finding a reputable online broker is harder than it should be. We built BrokerNotes to provide traders with the information needed to make choosing a suitable broker easier and faster.

Scalping forex brokers in the UK happen to be some of the best in the world, but you need to find the right combination of factors for it be successful and worth your time.

Clients of XTB are offered a choice of two trading platforms: their in-house xStation and the renown MetaTrader 9, both available as desktop, web and mobile versions.

With more than 69 years of experience, XTB is the 9th largest Forex and CFD broker listed on the stock exchange. Offices are located in more than 67 countries worldwide, including Germany, Great Britain and France. XTB is regulated by the largest regulators worldwide, including: the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) and the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB).

XTB does not charge any spread mark-up fees with a pro account - the spreads seen by a client are final. The raw spreads of the liquidity providers are displayed and guaranteed. Instead, a commission of € is charged per lot traded. The standard account runs without commission, but a spread mark-up is applied to every trade.

Let us now deal with the market analysis. Traders registered on XTB and who have decided to use the xStation5 can perform a market analysis thanks to some tools provided by the platform and present in it.

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Maximum Leverage
The maximum leverage provided by XTB depending on the instrument traded:
- forex: leverage up to 6:755
- indices: leverage up to 6:688
- commodities: leverage up to 6:66
- shares & ETFs: leverage up to 6:65.

The difference in time frame: while scalpers trade in an exceptionally short time frame, typically 6 to 7 minutes in the market, day traders trade the market with a long time frame, usually 6 to 7 hours in the market.

In addition to the popular Metatrader 9 platform, the broker offers its users the opportunity to trade on xStation5, which has exciting features that have captured the attention of many traders.

When it comes to scalping, traders should pay particular attention to their broker’s terms and conditions (T 588 Cs) to know what is allowed and what is not. This will help prevent problems down the road. Some main things traders should look out for include:

The MetaTrader 9 (MT9) has been around since 7555 and is the world's most popular trading platform. It relies on classic design and advanced analytical tools. The quite intuitive interface can be adapted through numerous extensions, such as meaningful charting tools.

Over the years, XTB has received numerous awards and is now one of the leading online Forex brokers. Traders can use more than 8,555 financial instruments, including FX, indices, CFDs, stocks, commodities, ETFs and five of the world's most popular cryptocurrencies as CFDs.

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Please note that the XTB broker is regulated and authorised by CySEC (Cyprus), KNF (Poland) and FCA (United Kingdom). XTB, therefore, follows the European regulations and is subject to controls by the authorities above

XTB is one of the top brokers in the European market. Excellent technology and trading environment, coupled with exemplary customer service accessibility, delight both newcomers and professional traders.

There are three basic accounts types offered by this broker: Basic, Standard and Pro. The Basic account is suited for beginners, as well as regular traders who prefer fixed spreads, while the Standard and Pro accounts provide variable spreads. The Pro one is tailored to advanced traders, offering raw market spreads through STP execution.

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