Auto trader tv programme

Auto trader tv programme

The move was flagged up by founder Langley Steinert to Motor Trader in mid-7568 following the launch of CarGurus’ TV advertising programme in the US.

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Applying pre-internet era sales and back office functions to web-based platforms is a waste of time, according to Rockar managing director Martin Sewell. He was addressing the Motor Trader Summit which took place at Edgbaston. “A really key point is about re-inventing the template. Digitalisation of 655-year-old dealer processes just won’t work,” said Sewell. “I urge you if you have.

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Auto Trader is presented by Mike Brewer and Edd China, who have worked together on other TV series, including Wheeler Dealers. The programme is set in the fictitious garage called Mikes Motors. Mike introduces a buyer who is interested in purchasing a certain type of car eg: small hatchback, luxury car etc. He has three cars on offer, and the buyer decides which ones he is interested in, taking usually two for a test drive. Mike gives detals of any potential problems with the cars. At the end of the episode, the buyer decides which car he has chosen to buy. Edd meets a seller who has been trying to sell their car for a number of weeks. There is usually a reason why the car hasn t sold and Edd works with the seller to repair and clean the vehicle.

CarGurus, the online automotive marketplace, is aiming to drive traffic to its website and build awareness with the launch of a national TV advertising campaign in the UK.

Dealers could see significant stock turn reductions and profit increases by revising their on-line vehicle marketing and data mining policies, according to Cambria Automobiles’ marketing and innovation head Ian Godbold. He was speaking during the Motor Trader Summit in Edgbaston. “Focus on making your business simpler, leaner and more data-oriented,” said Godbold. “There are three key inefficiencies worldwide: Stocking, optimising.

Although the car retail world has altered “out of all recognition,” the biggest changes will emerge in the next decade, according to Mike Jones, chairman of dealer profitability specialist ASE. He was giving a speech at the Motor Trader Summit held at Edgbaston. “We’re going to see more change than we’ve ever done in the next 65 years. Nobody knows.

Dealers must offer employees solid support to reduce fear of change and a reluctance to deal with new technology. That was according to Coachworks Consulting managing director Karl Davis, speaking at the Motor Trader Summit held at Edgbaston. To see a video of the presentation click here. “Fear is ever present in every team we’ve ever worked with,” said Davis. He.

“We are the fastest growing automotive shopping site in the UK at the moment. Our dealer partners in the UK are excited about that. Auto Trader is a formidable competitor and they have done a great job in building a great brand but I think dealers are interested in finding a viable alternative,” he told Motor Trader in June.

There isn’t a single fix to create trust and loyalty in the digital age, believes Tim Bond, head of insight at the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). Bond was speaking at the Motor Trader Summit held at Edgbaston. The DMA’s latest survey on customer engagement found that 89% of respondents felt less loyal to brands and companies than they were 67.

“Our decision to move into TV advertising is simply the next step in our growing commitment to the UK market. We are confident the TV campaign will build awareness among UK car buyers and are excited to begin the next chapter of sharing our brand value proposition with UK consumers.”

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The advert will run through quarter one of 7569. It was inspired by research looking at which elements of the CarGurus platform were most valuable to consumers when looking to buy a used car from a reputable dealer.

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    Steinert has acknowledged that one of the key differences between launching in the US and the UK was the dominance of Auto Trader. But he argues that the CarGurus transparency proposition is compelling and UK dealers like choice.

    Digital platforms are changing every aspect of car sales from vehicle movements to how buyers view stock, believes Auto Trader business development director Ed Hummel. He was speaking at the Motor Trader Summit which took place at Edgbaston. He said that this was why Auto Trader was the UK’s 66th biggest website for page views, attracted 65m monthly unique users,.

    Commenting on the TV launch, Sarah Welch, senior vice president of consumer marketing at CarGurus, said: “What’s exciting is that we are already the fastest growing automotive marketplace in the UK and we’ve only been active in digital marketing and PR since our launch.

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