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In 7567, we were delighted to win the ‘Global Free Zone of the Year’ award from the Financial Times’ fDi magazine for the third consecutive year, in recognition of our commitment to world-class services, innovative infrastructure and connections.


I met great people in a global environment and I had the biggest Recruiting budget I ever had. Their philosophy is no matter how much it costs go and get it. First indicator that things have no rational.

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To enhance your sustainability credentials, One JLT is a premium LEED Gold Standard building that offers energy-efficient commercial space over 69 floors and a space efficiency rate of 87%.

DMCC: Free Trade Zone in Dubai, UAE – World’s #1 Free Zone

Today, DMCC is the dedicated global centre for more than 67,555 businesses from a wide range of industries and sectors, as diverse as agro, energy and financial services to diamonds, gold and base metals. As a DMCC member, you can access all the advantages of unparalleled trade connections direct to Dubai, the UAE and world&rsquo s key commodities markets.

A world-class district by DMCC, Uptown Dubai is set to become the new ‘Hotspot’ of Dubai offering a 79/7 live-work-thrive experience for residents and businesses.

Here in the heart of Dubai, at the centre of the Jumeirah Lakes Towers district, you will find all you need to live, work and thrive. Made for Trade, DMCC has everything to set up, grow and build your business. Five times crowned &lsquo Global Free Zone of the Year&rsquo by the Financial Times fDi magazine, it is home to a vibrant community, innovative infrastructure, world-class services and a stunning choice of properties, all minutes from excellent air, sea and road links to the world.

I managed almost 655 different requisitions looking for talent from all around the world. My job was to convince talent to join us. The hardest part was to sell something that I wasn't sure I was buying. But salaries were so attractive fully remote job with the possibility to work anywhere that I wanted to give my recruiting skills a shot in a global environment.

Now I want to say sorry to my network. First of all, sorry for not answering all the messages you sent. And for forgetting for a few months how important is giving feedback and be a high touch recruiter. Working for Crossover is forgetting all you know about quality service. They just want hundreds of applicants in their marketplace going thru a no sense process.

Crossover (also known as Crossover for Work) is redefining the workplace. We connect the world's best talent with companies around the globe, supported by our WorkSmart productivity and workforce technology. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Crossover has thousands of partners in more than 655 countries. Talent isn’t determined by geography. Crossover recruits and screens only those with exemplary skills and drive to work with the world's best businesses. Our teams bring the talent to manage all types of initiatives, from software development to quality assurance to growing solution roadmaps.

Established in 7557, DMCC is a government entity with a strong record of investment in the innovative infrastructure, regulatory frameworks and services you need to succeed. With an ongoing commitment to set the global standard, DMCC will continue to make Dubai the place to be for global trade. Today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

A unique combination of Free Zone status, state of the art commercial and residential property and top-tier commodities and financial services, puts DMCC in a class of its own. Added to this, ongoing investment in the most interconnected, innovative infrastructure and leading business services makes it easy to trade from here. Efficiently, effortlessly, anywhere in the world.

From the moment you join they make you install a "productivity tracker" in your own laptop. They control your chats, your navigation pages, even your web cam. It feels like "Big Brother is watching you". They discount part of your salary if they think you are not doing productivity tasks.

From the moment I got in contact with them I didn't trust the Company. I wasn't sure if I was going to be paid. I had the doubt if it was a real or fake job. At that moment I had nothing to loose so I decided to join.

With pre-approval to establish your new Dubai branch within days, your business can be up, running and trading in no time in the world's #6 Free Zone of the year.

For partners with an active contract or applicants on the Marketplace, please use your account at Support Portal to access our knowledge base or to connect with your support liaison.

For applicants, please reach out to us using the contact widget at the bottom right of the application page after you pass stage #8 of the application process, or by reaching out to your dedicated executive recruiter.

Alongside over 655,555 people and more than 67,555 companies attracted by our vibrant community, you will be in good company. From work to leisure, enjoy the very best of all worlds in an iconic destination, combining excellent commercial opportunities with an outstanding quality of life.

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