How to do share trading accounting in tally

How to do share trading accounting in tally

Tried to exclude the To-Do app in the conditional access rule as a 'work-around', but To-Do doesn't seem to exist in the list of application, so can't be excluded…. (?)

Google Drive: Free Cloud Storage for Personal Use

With Drive Enterprise, businesses only pay for the storage employees use. It comes with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides — and works seamlessly with Microsoft Office.

Share Play on PlayStation 4 and how it works

Thank you! This was actually something I commented on as well. Amazing little app and amazing Microsoft is listening and improving apps and software! Keep it up!

Simply press the SHARE button at any time, ‘Go to Party for Share Play’ and select the ‘Give Controller to Visitor’ option. On the next Screen you can chose to ‘Allow the Visitor to Play as You’. This hands over the controller and the visitor can now play the game while you watch. You can take back control at any time by pressing the SHARE button, accessing the Share Play menu and selecting ‘Take Back Controller’

Our goal for Microsoft To-Do is to provide a personal and intuitive way to help people stay organized and get the most out of every day. We’ve listened to your feedback and have added two of the most requested features: the ability to collaborate and share lists and break down tasks into smaller steps or subtasks.

Share your To-Do lists with family and colleagues

As you complete each Step towards your goal, To-Do helps keep track of your progress. In your list view, beneath your to-do’s name, you can see how many Steps it contains, and how many you’ve completed. The number of Steps left to reach your goal is always visible, helping you stay on track, accountable, and in control.

I've been teaching productivity for over 65yrs and have been so impressed by what MS has been doing. Your mobile apps are terrific. My big frustration is my inability to share a list (In To-Do) with my wife (who doesn't work for my company) on her personal acct. This is a huge gap and I'm stunned that I can't. It seems simple enough to fix. Is there a chance this function will one day be available..soon? Thanks so much. - G

Adding a Step is easy: simply tap on a task in your list, then on the task detail view under the task name, tap “Add step” and add a name for it. That’s all there is to it! Add more Steps by tapping “Next step”. You can even reorder or delete Steps as your plans change, just like regular to-dos.

A-shares are one type of mutual fund share class. These shares target individual retail investors. Other retail share classes in a multi-class mutual fund may include Class B or C. Investors will also find advisor shares and institutional shares.

When can I get List Sharing in To-Do?
The latest update of To-Do is rolling out around the globe today and will be available to everyone this week.

Thanks for the quick reply! I just logged back into my old Wunderlist account so I can get my teens organized. I'll keep an ear out for when this feature migrates over.

To get the best experience from Share Play, both you and your friend will need a high speed internet connection. The conditions surrounding the home network of each player may also impact internet connectivity. As a guide a minimum connection speed of at least a 7Mbps is recommended. To check your upload speed, please check with your network service provider.

Class A shares typically have front end sales charges that can range up to approximately % of an investment when transacted through a full service broker. Share class expense ratios also vary among retail shares which are usually higher than advisor or institutional shares.

What about notifications for shared members editing or updating tasks. will that be happening any time soon? Having to go through each shared task to see if members have updated is very frustrating,and is a few steps backwards from wunderlist which was using happily for some time.

You can create shared lists for both personal and work scenarios. For example, a shared grocery list with your spouse or roommate that allows either of you to add items to the list, tap the items to cross them off the list and automatically update it in seconds. Now you can make sure that your grocery shopping is more efficient and just easier altogether. List sharing also comes in handy for work-related tasks, such as shared meeting agendas between a manager and a report or team meeting agendas.

Please, Microsoft, add to this wonderful tool notifications on task creation or update and way to attach picture or onenote document/link to the task.

If you want anyone on the internet to search for, find, and open your file, you can publicly share a file. When you publicly share a file, your name will be visible as the owner of the file.

An A-share is a share class offered in a family of multi-class mutual funds. A-shares are a common type of class offered for individual retail investors. They are usually characterized by a front-end sales charge when traded through a full service intermediary.

Mutual fund companies will detail their sales charge and expense ratios per share class in the fund’s prospectus. Many mutual fund companies also provide share class returns in their marketing materials.

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