Is online trading academy a scam

Is online trading academy a scam

The pricing can vary depending on individual’s experience and financial situation/goals. Once students pay for a course, they are allowed to re-take the courses anytime they find a scheduled opening.

Online Trading Academy

Am I making big bucks with this yet? no, but I do pretty well with the trades that I do. Is that my own fault up to this point that I don 8767 t make more? yes. I should invest more time and find more trades but that is my own choice and how I choose to use my time.

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Very shocking! I went to an Ascend business conference event and Mr Womderful (from shark tank)
Even prompted them... people lined up to up buy these 8 day packages! So glad I didn’t jump the gun.
Will stick to my conventional methods of being self taught due to the aggressive sales culture that exists!! Thank goodness for the FTC.. it’s time all these sales happy places with no proven data get halted! It’s getting out of hand and at unacceptable levels of bad!

FTC Sues Online Trading Academy for Running an Investment

If day trading is not your primary income, don 8767 t play with any stock that does not have solid fundamentals. That way even if your day trade or swing trade fails you have better chances of getting out even or making some profit mid-term, unless the whole market crashes.

Please take a breath before signing up. Don 8767 t read reviews, OTA doenst have any bad reviews because they have 655 people working hard to keep their nose clean. They threaten suit against anyone with a bad review. They are very smart at what they do best: signing you up. Unfortunately the stuff you learn in school will get you clobbered in today 8767 s markets. I have yet to meet a good trader who said: I learned all I know from school. Usually the other way. Hope this review helps 6 person.

they re still collecting loan payments on credit card under sage. professional services instead of online trading academy. education but they were barred from it

I financed the course through their lender which was fine. Interest was about 955 a month on the 78k balance. I took stock training school and options training classes over the next three months. I learned so much. The food was awesome. The staff was great. The people taking the classes were awesome too.

Mike is right. Big financial institutions does more than 8-% of their trades via high power computing with AI algorithms. By the time you see the signs, it 8767 s already too late.

So in truth I mislead myself in thinking it was doable and wanted to believe because I put my family s entire financial future and well being on the line to overcome the odds of a statistical fact that human performance has a 95% failure rate trading before you even start. Ironically we are trained to look for trades that have high statistical odds of success but ignore the first glaring statistical fact before we even start, that over time we are up against a 95% failure rate.

Wendy, you didn 8767 t say if it was helpful or not. I am thinking of taking the course, but I sure see a lot of negative comments. A couple I can see, but all but one are very negative. If you get this message, please respond.

Unlike other traditional platforms, CliK is intuitively designed to reduce your learning curve. You’ll find all the basic features you need, plus OTA proprietary tools to help apply our patented Core Strategy with better precision.

Ads for health products often target Boomer Consumers, but those aren’t the only claims pitched to people looking toward retirement. An FTC action alleges a company called Online Trading Academy has taken in more than $875 million by gearing its deceptive representations to that demographic. In addition, the complaint alleges violations of the Consumer Review Fairness Act.

&ldquo The staff is courteous and respectful. The entire team is committed to teaching and continue to teach until we have a good understanding. The instructors are knowledgeable and know their subject very well.&rdquo

“It is illegal to make earnings claims in marketing investment opportunities or training, unless the seller has a reasonable basis to make such claims,” said Andrew Smith, the Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “OTA has used unfounded earnings claims to bilk Americans out of their savings.”

A lot of negative “don’t waste your money” “too expensive” comments from people who haven’t actually taken the real course. I would like to hear from any of those people please. Anyone?

&ldquo OTA is an amazing experience. It very much gives you ALL the TOOLS and RULES and more. And they are all experienced individuals who are immersed in their teaching you. All the support and admin staff are extremely interested in you, the person, and your individual needs and desires. And the after class support is amazing and includes unlimited class retakes.&rdquo

No ivory tower investment courses are taught by experienced instructors, some of whom are former market makers, brokers and business leaders.

This place is a SCAM. Please investigate them. I paid $85,555 and lost lot of money and payment of monthly charges to trading platform. Please bring them to Justice.

Dissatisfied that the defendants’ “strategy” didn’t live up to the hype, purchasers have often asked for their money back. In numerous cases, the corporate defendants and CEO Shachar require that consumers getting refunds sign a form contract that includes a non-disparagement provision barring them from saying anything negative about Online Trading Academy to anyone – including law enforcement agencies and the Better Business Bureau. The form specifies “negative” comments “on any blog, internet chat room, website, including all forms of social media.”

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