Options uri is a required argument

Options uri is a required argument

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Use the ms-tonepicker: URI scheme to choose ringtones, alarms, and system tones. You can also save new ringtones and get the display name of a tone.

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In some cases, the user might not have an app installed to handle the URI that you are launching. By default, the operating system handles these cases by providing the user with a link to search for an appropriate app on the store. If you want to give the user a specific recommendation for which app to acquire in this scenario, you can do so by passing that recommendation along with the URI that you are launching.

You can also launch custom URI schemes too. If there is no app installed to handle that URI, you can recommend an app for the user to install. For more info, see Recommend an app if one is not available to handle the URI.

Recommendations are also useful when more than one app has registered to handle a URI scheme. By recommending a specific app, Windows will open that app if it is already installed.

In general, your app can't select the app that is launched. The user determines which app is launched. More than one app can register to handle the same URI scheme. The exception to this is for reserved URI schemes. Registrations of reserved URI schemes are ignored. For the full list of reserved URI schemes, see Handle URI activation. In cases where more than one app may have registered the same URI scheme, your app can recommend a specific app to be launched. For more info, see Recommend an app if one is not available to handle the URI.

Use the ms-photos: URI scheme to launch the Photos app to view an image or edit a video. For example:
To view an image: ms-photos:viewer?fileName=c:\users\userName\Pictures\
Or to edit a video: ms-photos:videoedit?InputToken=678abc& Action=Trim& StartTime=56:57:58

Use the ms-settings: URI scheme to launch the Windows Settings app. Launching to the Settings app is an important part of writing a privacy-aware app. If your app can't access a sensitive resource, we recommend providing the user a convenient link to the privacy settings for that resource. For example, the following URI opens the Settings app and displays the camera privacy settings.

Use the ms-windows-store: URI scheme to Launch the UWP app. Open product detail pages, product review pages, and search pages, etc. For example, the following URI opens the UWP app and launches the home page of the Store.

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First create a object to represent the URI, then pass that to the LaunchUriAsync method. Use the return result to see if the call succeeded, as shown in the following example.

Use the bingmaps: , ms-drive-to: , and ms-walk-to: URI schemes to launch the Windows Maps app to specific maps, directions, and search results. For example, the following URI opens the Windows Maps app and displays a map centered over New York City.

Source apps that call LaunchUriAsync can request that they remain on screen after a URI launch. By default, Windows attempts to share all available space equally between the source app and the target app that handles the URI. Source apps can use the DesiredRemainingView property to indicate to the operating system that they prefer their app window to take up more or less of the available space. DesiredRemainingView can also be used to indicate that the source app doesn't need to remain on screen after the URI launch and can be completely replaced by the target app. This property only specifies the preferred window size of the calling app. It doesn't specify the behavior of other apps that may happen to also be on screen at the same time.

If you always want this prompt to occur, use the property to tell the operating system to display a warning.

Use the LaunchUriAsync method to launch a URI. When you call this method, your app must be the foreground app, that is, it must be visible to the user. This requirement helps ensure that the user remains in control. To meet this requirement, make sure that you tie all URI launches directly to the UI of your app. The user must always take some action to initiate a URI launch. If you attempt to launch a URI and your app isn't in the foreground, the launch will fail and your error callback will be invoked.

To make a recommendation, call the (Uri, LauncherOptions) method with set to the package family name of the app in the store that you want to recommend. The operating system uses this info to replace the general option to search for an app in the store with a specific option to acquire the recommended app from the store.

Learn how to launch the default app for a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). URIs allow you to launch another app to perform a specific task. This topic also provides an overview of the many URI schemes built into Windows. You can launch custom URIs too. For more info about registering a custom URI scheme and handling URI activation, see Handle URI activation.

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