Reverse martingale ea forex

Reverse martingale ea forex

My thinking with different pairs is that it depends on the trader. Maybe you are one of those people that get in the zone and when you win is not dependent on the pair but on your state of mind and focus. Then it would make sense to treat every trade independent of pair as a part of a modified anti martingale strategy. Otherwise not.

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Like the original Martingale , the take profit and stop losses are “virtual”, in that they only define winning and losing trades. And so when to increase or reduce exposure.

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The 8775 preference 8776 for trends makes the reverse algorithm better suited to trading volatile pairs or for positive 8775 carry 8776 opportunities.

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The figure above shows the frequency distribution of each of the different market conditions. Notice how the distribution of returns for 8775 trending 8776 is shifted to the right. This represents the higher returns.

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On distribution of price movement ( long ) the backside of each wave will lean backwards and through the accumulation( long ) phase the front side of the wave will begin to lean forward.
Going long you will notice that the retracement after the completion of the final wave ( 8776 third mountain top 8776 ) will straighten out to about 95 degrees and then fall off the table.

One of the certain advantages that the Reverse Martingale system gives you is the fact that you cannot lose a lot at once. Losing streaks are not a big problem, since you always wager the minimum amount for them. And when doubling up, you are using the casino’s money in a way – so your starting amount of money should remain relatively the same until you make that big win.

As shown above, the lot-doubling, which marks the Martingale approach, can work against you too. With the reverse-Martingale, the averaging up rather than down means your profits can be turned very quickly into loses should the market turn against you.

The reverse Martingale, as I 8767 m going to describe now does the exact opposite. It closes losing trades , and doubles winners. The idea being to cut losses quickly and let profits run.

In the spreadsheet I 8767 ve used the first derivative of the 65 day moving average line. This is a very basic indicator and simply tells me if there 8767 s a trend, and in which direction.

Lets say I win four a row then a loser (not THAT uncommon with 55% winners),
With 6% risked of current capital I get:

a) When price hits = Open 7 up open 6 down
b) When price hits = close pos a) + open 8 up 7 down
c) When price hits = close pos b) + open 9 up 8 down

The 8-Step tactic works well if there are enough consecutive win sequences, but also has the potential of failing miserably when there is a lack of them. Overall, by using this less-aggressive approach, you have a higher chance of leaving the game at a profit.

Yes the main problem is Floaters, this is not just about this kind of EA but all EAs have this problem, the floaters increase to destroy your accumulated profits.

You will still see losses in the reverse system, but these are more contained. What is the downside with it? The downside is that you also won 8767 t get the smooth steady returns that are possible with Martingale.

Many people might find the double up progression a bit too aggressive for their taste. If you are one of them, you might want to look at alternative ways of progressing your bet. For example, you can easily apply the Fibonacci sequence to this method. The rewards will not pile up as fast as they would if you doubled up every win, but you will definitely not lose everything on one unfortunate spin.

These are just a few examples. For more on this and on choosing a market see here. Some of these are more subjective in interpretation and are difficult to automate. However the stronger the combined trend signal you have, the higher the chances of a profitable trade sequence.

The hard part is of course how to implement this.
Do the strings of winners depend on my focus and ability or that a pair is behaving in a way that makes it easy to trade?
In other words:
Do I make a system where a winning trade in the EURUSD makes me raise the risk only on the next EURUSD trade or on the next trade independent of which pair it is?

While the system might be simple at its core, in order to get the maximum value out of it, players need to come up with a way to play it right. We have gathered the most common ways of using the Reverse Martingale method below.

As with grid trading , you would typically also set a profit target for the “entire system”. Say for example after N “ double up” legs or when the entire system of open positions reaches a certain profit amount.

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