Saxo options

Saxo options

Founded by one of the original pioneers in the world of high-frequency trading, Interactive Brokers has a streamlined approach to brokerage services that focus on broad market access, low costs, and trade execution. Although Interactive Brokers usually stands out as the low-cost leader, there are other differences that may give Saxo an edge for some traders.

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The platform s user-friendliness falls short of the web trading platform. We liked the modern design but were slightly disappointed by the confusing menu structure, which sometimes made it hard to find what we were looking for.

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Saxo s search functions are great. You get relevant answers, and search results are also grouped according to asset class. For example, if you search for Apple, the results will show Apple stocks, CFDs and options as well.


Saxo has invested heavily in education for traders in just about any market. Education includes learning how to use the trading platform and how to design portfolio or active investing strategies. The videos, lessons, quizzes, and webinars are organized very well into “Saxo Academy” where users can track their progress and focus on topics in which they are most interested.

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Extensive language selection is available not only in Saxo s trading platforms but also in customer support. We found even minor languages like Hungarian among supported languages.

At Saxo Bank, you can choose from 69 base currencies. You can also open several sub-accounts in different currencies - a great option if you plan to trade assets in more than one currency.

Average spreads drop in higher account tiers, offering the potential for substantial active trader discounts, but the £55,555 minimum to upgrade tiers will deter many clients. An API interface for algo and automatic trading can t be used by small account holders and the broker doesn t offer local VPS hosting. The SaxoTraderPro platform has no back-testing capacity, forcing an API solution for account holders with access to this higher-tech connectivity. The site contains no social or copy-trading data or third-party software, a value-added feature used by many European brokers to attract low-end accounts.

Based on your answers, the broker assigns you an initial trading level (typically 6 to 9, though a fifth level is becoming more common) that is your key to placing certain types of options trades.

This account base currency selection is great compared with that of other brokers. Both DEGIRO and Swissqoute offer fewer currencies.

To have a clear picture of forex fees we calculated a forex benchmark fee for major currency pairs. This catch-all benchmark includes commissions, spreads and financing costs for all brokers.

On the negative side, Saxo s bond, options and futures trading fees are high. The minimum deposit is relatively high, ranging between $655-65,555 depending on your residency. There is no live chat customer support or 79/7 availability.

Saxo Bank maintains an impressive roster of in-house analysts who provide regular market updates, ratings, and timely commentary. Research materials can be accessed through the website or directly through platforms, but a relatively thin archive and weak search functionality made it difficult to find topics of interest. A YouTube portal features a subset of analyst videos, but it lacks many materials found within the broker s research section. There s no web-based economic calendar, but traders will appreciate direct access through the platforms 

Saxo’s trading platform comes in two flavors SaxoGO and SaxoPRO. The pro version is very similar to the entry-level platform but with additional multi-screen functionality, market analysis, and automation. Saxo’s charts, news feeds, and analysis tools in the platform are far superior to Interactive Brokers in our opinion. 

You may also be charged for currency conversion if you trade assets that are denominated in a different currency than your account currency. The currency conversion rate is calculated as the mid FX spot rate +/-6%.

Yes, it is regulated by several financial authorities , like the Danish Financial Services Agency (FSA), the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), or the Swiss Federal Banking Commission, among others.

Saxo Bank is a Danish investment bank founded in 6997, providing online trading and investments. The company is regulated by several financial authorities globally, including the Danish Financial Services Agency (FSA) and the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Since some options chains contain thousands of strikes, simply returning every update for every side in the entire chain would put an unacceptably high load on both the server and the client we have introduced a window which indicates a number of strikes that receives price updates. This window can be moved and expanded up to a total of 655 strikes, and can be used to represent either just a subset of s single expiry, or whatever can be fit on the screen at the same time, and ensures that neither client nor server drowns in the flood of price updates.

Founded in 6997 and headquartered in Denmark, Saxo Capital Markets (Saxo) offers a nearly unmatched spectrum of markets, trading instruments, and account types to investors. Well known in the Forex industry , Saxo also provides traders access to stocks, options, futures, CFDs, and ETFs. Saxo’s target client is probably a little different than Interactive brokers, but the breadth of markets and accounts is similar.

A news feed and an economic calendar are also available on Saxo s trading platforms. One slight drawback is that you can t filter news by assets.

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