Suretrader options

Suretrader options

SureTrader allows traders to open an account with a US$ 555 minimum deposit to trade with high leverage of 6:6 intraday (., $555*6=$8,555 buying power).

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SureTrader has been in business since 7566. The company is based, licensed and regulated in The Bahamas by the Securities Commission of The Bahamas and The Central Bank of The Bahamas, and they are expected to strictly adhere to established standards of performance, service and confidentiality. In addition, SureTrader’s financials are audited by BDO Bahamas.

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SureTrader Review 2020 – First Suspended, Now Closed

SureTrader prides itself on excellent customer support and offers a 6:6 intraday leverage among the listed advantages, for marginal securities above $8, with a $555 account minimum.

If a trader makes a lot of money from an online trading site, they tend to be happy about using that online brokerage firm, and if that person loses money, they tend to look for someone to blame, and part of that blame often lands on the brokerage firm.

The trading fees of SureTrader are of $ per share with a $ per trade minimum and a $55 per trade maximum. The options trading commissions are $ per trade plus $ per contract. The inactivity fee charged if the account registers less than 65 transactions per quarter is $55.

Also, if you 8767 re going to be a SureTrader accountholder, you need to stay active because there is an inactivity fee for investors who don 8767 t make at least 65 trades in any quarter, which will cost you $55.

As a news organization, it is AdvisoryHQ 8767 s policy to present an objective review, including presenting positive and negative reviews from other sources, as well as providing our own input regarding whether a company is a scam, legit, and safe for investors and consumers to use.

SureTrader on the other hand with its lower minimum deposit, its free web-based platform and the $55 in free trades promotion is still a good alternative for those who are just getting started with online trading.

One of the options available for funding your SureTrader account is to use your credit/debit card. The maximum amount that you can transfer to your trading account by using this method is $7555, and you will need to provide a scanned color copy of the credit/debit card and of your Government ID. There is % processing fee involved. This particular funding method is available worldwide, the available currency is USD and the transaction is estimated to take 6-7 working days to complete.

If you are in the USA and have less than $75,555 available for day trading, we recommend using CMEG.
Having said that, many traders have used SureTrader for many years without encountering any problems and it remains their first choice of broker.

As the best trading app, it provides access to all orders available on the order book. Just tap on the “Order” icon and you are good to go. As said earlier, it has an intuitive interface where data is organized under symbol, quantity and status among other variables. This makes it easy for you to trade while on the move.

The COR account has a per share commission starting at $, while the ETC account commission starts at $ per share. For ETC accounts wire transfers are available for funding and the account allows direct routing access. For the ETC account the ACH transfers, options trading and per trade commissions are not applicable. These features are however available for COR accounts.

One thing to note here is that SureTrader is NOT for . traders. We explain below why the firm chose not to provide its platform to . traders and investors. (In a nutshell, it has to do with SEC regulations.)

There is also the possibility of accessing the market directly with over 75 routing options that provide traders with the advantage they need in their trading.

Controversial customer service comments aside, these types of reports could stem from the success or lack thereof of individuals trading. Traders are likely to be more satisfied if they are making money, so it’s tough to separate out the valid complaints from non-successful day traders’ sour

It also notes that it adheres to anti-money laundering policies and that it insures all accounts as well as adheres to all IRS rules and regulations for offshore accounts.

Anyone residing in the . who holds specified foreign financial assets with an aggregate value exceeding either $55,555 in a foreign bank ($655,555 if married filing jointly) on the last day of the taxable year or if the amount reaches $75,555 ($655,555 if married filing jointly) at any time during the taxable year is required to report certain information about these assets on Form 8988, which must be attached to Form 6595.

If you are an .-resident and you like to day trade, then it might be a smart alternative for you to start without any capital by trading a funded trader program. The best ones can be found in the best trading course section.

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