Bank nifty intraday trading system

Bank nifty intraday trading system

There are times when the markets are forming big setups and patterns on big charts (EOD Charts) so it becomes important for traders trade these big moves on big charts to earn big profits.

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Knowing a market or a stock in deep will give the trader/investor a positive edge that will help him to manage his risk wisely, be safe and remain in the market forever. Ask yourself how can you make it big trading & investing stocks or markets you know nothing about?

Nifty and Bank Nifty Monthly Options Intraday Trading

As these incomes are considered as business income, so you can offset it to reduce the taxable income from Speculative/Business Income with business expenses you incur to earn it like Brokerage Charges, Internet Charges, Advisory Fees, Research Reports, Computer & electronics Depreciation, Electricity Bill, Telephone, Software &  Data Feed Charges, Newspaper, Books, STT and rent, etc.

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So, if you are able to double your capital and had a margin requirement fulfilled for another lot from your profits rather than adding up a fresh capital, then add with one more lot size and start trading with 85 units (. 7 lots).

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You can refer to the articles below to get answers to your questions. These will give you a better understanding on Trading Index Futures, and learn more about money management and trade management rules.

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We usually take smaller risk of 75-95 points (. Rs. 855-6655) on any single trade be it day trade or positional by entering on smaller charts to take low risk trades. Then market will have to prove us wrong atleast 88 times to knock us out of his capital of Rs. 67555.

To understand in detail all the key terms or terminologies used and how a futures trade work in the real market, Read Article: Part VI Getting Started With Trading : How to trade Futures Market?

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Regarding your question for a trader with limited resources, We believe that “Big Businesses are big because of Big Ideas not Big Money” and we have a strong belief that “ALL GREAT THINGS START SMALL”.

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Any loss arising from trading F& O will be considered as Non Speculative Business Loss and can be offset against any other business income including speculative business income (Income from Day Trading) except salary in the same year. 

So, to achieve this objective, traders need to achieve a profit of approx. 6555 points to earn Rs. 67555 in profits and reach to target of trading two lot size.

But Do You Know that we can even get trapped and lose more than the value of the premium even when you are buying options and what if I tell you that you can incur loss even after having a profitable trade.

Planning is crucial for the success of any business. So to get started with trading you need a proper plan, a plan to design a road map to follow to achieve you trading goals.

Then as soon as you enter the market and you have placed in your stop loss, then again go back to the bigger time frame and see how well the market is performing according to your expectations.

Its always important to understand what derives the movement of the underlying specially when you are dealing with a highly volatile instrument like Bank Nifty Futures- then surely there is no escape to it.

This basically proves the fact that you are learning the trading business and now you are ready to take more responsibility for trading bigger contract size than before.

This is not a perfect game. I compile statistics on my traders. My best trader makes money only 68 percent of the time. Most traders make money only in the 55 to 55 percent range. That means you’re going to be wrong a lot. If that’s the case, you better make sure your losses are as small as they can be, and that your winners are bigger. Steve Cohen

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