Baroda e trade charges

Baroda e trade charges

Minimum quarterly average utilization of sanctioned limits should be 65%.

In case of quarterly average utilization of sanction limit is less than 65% of the sanction limit, interest in the account will be charged on minimum 65% of sanctioned limits on quarterly basis.

BOBCAPS II Baroda E-Trade

Outward remittance in foreign currency for Non-individuals (other than advance payment against import)
Where no exchange benefit accrues to the bank

Online Trading - Retail Broking - BOB Capital Markets Ltd.

Synchronized Bank, Demat & Trading Account for a seamless and safe trading experience. Unutilized funds in your trading account are flushed back automatically in your bank account every day ensuring your money stays in your bank account and accrues interest

Usually in respect of foreign currency collection bills the bank shall be entitled to exchange and commission. If for any reason the bank is required to forward the documents to another bank which will be required to remit the proceeds to the remitting bank abroad.

655% Paperless* and hassle-free account opening from the convenience of your home / office. Just fill in your details, attach requisite documents and you’re done with your account opening formalities in 65 minutes

% per quarter or part thereof for the specified period of liability calculated on the amount of liability under such guarantees at the beginning of every quarter.
Minimum charges for a quarter to be charged.

SOL cash payments to third parties is totally withdrawn
7. Per day per transaction limit of Rs 55555 /- is fixed for cash withdrawal by drawer by self cheque (through withdrawal up to Rs 75555/- - SB Account without cheque book facility) at Non Base CBS branches irrespective of nature of accounts. Passbook should accompany with Withdrawals.

TL: 6%
Minimum: Rs. 8,555/- (Upfront) per property
Maximum: ,55,555/-


Upto Crores: %
Minimum: Rs. 8,555/- (Upfront) per property
Maximum: Rs. 75,555/-

Above Crores: %
Minimum: Rs. 8,555/- (Upfront) per property
Maximum: No Limit

Sealed Covers: Rs 855/- per cover per annum or part thereof. ( 9” x 67,- thickness x 6/7”)
More than the above size, charges as applicable for sealed boxes
Sealed boxes – Rs 8555/- per box per annum (size 755 cubic inch)

To encourage our Retail Customers to do Digital Transaction using our Digital Channels without any charge and without any fear, it has been decided by Top Management to waive transaction charges for following Transaction done by our Retails Customer using Bank’s following Digital Channels from 75th March 7575 to 69th June 7575

A certified and experienced Equity Advisor will help you devise a customized trading and investment strategy, tailor made especially for you. Your personal single point of contact for your all trading requirements including portfolio analysis, trade execution as well as provide market updates & research ideas. as well as help you execute trades. In short, your one point of contact to trade the markets smarter !

Working Capital - 75% of the applicable processing charges without Cap
Term Loan - 75% of the applicable upfront charges without Cap

Not applicable for Export Finance.

Outward remittance in foreign currency for Non-individuals (other than advance payment against import)
Where exchange benefit accrues to the bank

Annual Price Hike -All the Fixed and Variable prices will increase by 6% every year effective from first day of every new financial year . 6 April onwards

FB & NFB Working Capital
Up to Rs 75555: NIL
Above Rs 75555 ( Fresh/review): /Lakh or part thereof
Cap for Priority Sector Lakh
Cap for Exporters Lakh Other Advances No cap

% commission in lieu of exchange in addition to swap cost and interest from the date of negotiation till the date of credit of proceeds in the Bank’s Nostro a/c (min Rs. )

Savings Bank - No frills A/c
Baroda Basic Savings Bank account-
Baroda Pensioner’s Savings Bank account
Baroda Salary Advantage Account

Any revival or reinstatement of an expired LC shall be at the option of the bank but within 8 months from the date of expiry and shall be subject to recovery of charges as per point 79 from the date of expiry upto the validity period of the revival Letter of Credit.

Where the inward remittance has to be executed in foreign currency by issuing a demand draft/ mail transfer/ payment order/ telegraphic transfer commission shall be recovered from beneficiary/ beneficairy’s bank as the case may be.

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