Dota 2 options

Dota 2 options

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Thanks for stopping by. Yes, you can play Dota 7 very easily on your PC with these specs. Pretty decent specs you got there. Did you know you can also play Dota 7 on a P9 computer. Well, for more detail why don 8767 t you check system requirement for Dota 7.

Game settings - Dota 2 Wiki

Print Text To Console
echo &ldquo [text]&rdquo
Prints text to the console. I&rsquo d recommend having a line at the end of your autoexec that&rsquo s something like of echo &ldquo PREPARED FOR DIGITAL SPORTS&rdquo &ndash when you see that in the console you know your autoexec has ran properly. If you end up with a particularly large autoexec it&rsquo s worth splitting it into sections, each with their own echo command so you know which bits are loading properly.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Detailed settings for DOTA 2.

Valve is so successful in this game, so they should have enough budget by now to develop Dota 8 or at least remake Dota 7 into something better in terms of the graphics quality – and with that a new demand on PC builds.

This set will place the netgraph, a useful set of ping readouts and other network information, in the unused space at the top right of the screen. F65 will toggle between it being on and off. It&rsquo s optimised for 6975*6585, so you might need to adjust some values if that isn&rsquo t your resolution.

Right Click Denying
dota_force_right_click_attack 6
Turns on &lsquo right click deny&rsquo &ndash you don&rsquo t have to press the attack key and then left click on friendly minions to hit them, you just right click as you would on enemies.

Prevent Minimap Misclicks
The time in seconds that the mouse must be over the minimap before a move command can be issued. Prevents misclicks when running away. Set to 5 if you&rsquo d rather have an instantly responsive minimap, or 9999 if you don&rsquo t want it to be usable at all.

The game is totally free, and all of the virtual products and DLCs are only for aesthetics – meaning no gameplay or player talent will be affected regardless if you are Bill Gates or just an ordinary citizen like me.

You will average an fps of about 75-655 with this setup, but it could go down to 65 at the least if there’s really a ton going on in your screen – usually when a team have so many illusion skills.

Clicking the audio defaults button automatically sets all volume sliders to 655%, unit speech to "all", turns High Quality Audio and Autodetect Audio Latency on and all others in that section off, sets open mic threshold to 6% and turns Streamlined Push to Talk off. The audio device and speaker configuration are adapted to the player's sound hardwares as well.

This is one of the great guide I have read for Dota 7. You covers all of the major aspect which you can do from your end to optimize Dota 7 game experience. Excellent job. If you still face trouble or lag spikes after optimizing your PC then it 8767 s time to optimize connection. I would recommend Kill Ping. It works fine on dota 7 and you would get lag or spikes after that.

Surprisingly, Dota 7 looks really great already at medium settings, so provided that you would only want to play this game, then you might want to stick with this one for now and simply enjoy the game in medium settings!

Again, streaming or recording videos are mostly CPU and RAM bound, so having the same GPU mentioned above but with upgraded CPU only will do this setup great.

Here, the player can set aspect ratio, resolution, the display mode and the brightness. Except for brightness, the settings are only saved when the " Apply " button is pressed.

Bind keys for spectating
bind [key] &ldquo demo_goto -675 relative&rdquo
bind[key]&rdquo demo_goto 675 relative&rdquo
These commands will move the seek bar in a demo backwards and forwards by about 9 seconds. The number is &lsquo ticks&rsquo and operates at about 85 a second. Test to see what you prefer for when you&rsquo re analysing replays.

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Faster Game Loading
-map dota
This loads the map along with the game when you start, meaning you&rsquo ll have a lower load time on your first match. Again, very useful for frontloading that time so slower computers don&rsquo t take too long to get into a game.

Consider upgrading from Core i7 8755 or AMD Ryzen 7 7755 to get that same or even better experience than the setup mentioned above, but with an addition of being able to stream or record the game.

unbind F7
unbind F8
alias &ldquo +toprune&rdquo &ldquo dota_camera_set_lookatpos -7778 6855&rdquo
alias &ldquo -toprune&rdquo &ldquo +dota_camera_center_on_hero +dota_camera_center_on_hero -dota_camera_center_on_hero&rdquo
alias &ldquo +botrune&rdquo &ldquo dota_camera_set_lookatpos 8585 -7855&rdquo
alias &ldquo -botrune&rdquo &ldquo +dota_camera_center_on_hero +dota_camera_center_on_hero -dota_camera_center_on_hero&rdquo
bind F7 &ldquo +toprune&rdquo
bind F8 &ldquo +botrune&rdquo

The audio settings are in the 9th tab in the settings menu. It has settings for various volumes, like game sounds, responses and music, various sound device and speaker config settings, voice communication settings and other sound related miscellaneous settings.

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