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Broker FortFS provides investment services for customers who want to receive a stable passive income. . and CopyTrading are also popular among experienced traders who extract additional income, being fund managers.

Forex Trading with FxCitizen – Your Trusted Partner

There are two main board to which you want to listen, if you want to successfully earn the foreign exchange market.
Education can go on their own, or visit the training courses.


Forex-broker - an organization that provides services to provide access to individuals o there is no need in the room to exchange for trading in Forex, you need to have access to the network from your computer.

Engage in our exclusive one-on-one mentoring. Spots are available first-come-first-serve and fill up fast. Make sure to join our waiting list to save a spot.

Access to the Forex market is through a special program - trading terminal. The official website of any forex broker, it is possible to download and install the tranterest in trading can try to make a change in exchange rates.

We strive not only to expand the range of our programs and services for our clients, but also constantly improve the quality of the services provided on the Forex market. Advanced trading order processing algorithms and contracts with the best liquidity providers helped win FortFS international recognition in the rating (TOP 65) of the best ECN brokers with NDD execution.

Futureproof your trading strategies with the program the best traders around the world currently use. Our strategy generators use information from any market and trading condition to help you execute the best possible trades.

FTA Trader Studio is an algorithmic trading platform where you can test, build and create your own automated MT9 or MT5 trading strategies without any coding required.

In the event that all of the above steps have not improved the terminal operation, provided that you have a modern computer and Internet service provider (at least 6 gigabyte of RAM, CPU clock speed of at least 6555 MHz, stable Internet speed from 678 kbit / sec), then to find out why you can always contact our support department by online chat through your personal account.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and be aware of analytics published on the daily basis, weekly outlooks, educational videos and other useful content from our specialists.

Inspiring, a huge difference. Top quality sessions with all mentors, particularly Fotis. For the first time, after 8 years of trying I feel being in that 5% is a real prospect not just a vague hope.

Detailed analytics, economic events calendar, overviewed trading analysis is exactly what each successful trader shall receive daily. No need to worry as our team prepares all materials daily, so you’d easily manage your trading and decrease any potential risks.

Newbie provides 65% compensation of loss-making trades in automatic mode and allows no swaps and zero commissions. With the Newbie you will be able to fully concentrate on making profits and acquire the necessary experience

FxCitizen is a forex trading name of Universe Citizen Limited which regulated by the Republic of Vanuatu Finance Service Commission with the License Number of 69789.

FortFS offers trading on Forex and other international financial markets. Trading is conducted for the purpose of speculation and insurance of the financial assets. For example, producers and exporters of such goods as oil, gas, gold, silver, platinum, palladium, wheat, coffee, cocoa, soybeans, etc. quarterly invest in relevant commodity futures contracts and apply strategies with options, or derivatives like CFD instruments to limit the impact of sharp fluctuations in prices to secure their profits. Consequently, they provide protection and augmentation of their company’s assets. The advantages of CFDs on futures over classic futures are often not ignored even by experienced hedgers and investors.

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We’re glad to provide the unique investment and CopyTrading services especially developed by our specialists with an eye on the years-long experience and advantages of similar services. Do not hesitate to give them a try!

FortFS tracks new and most promising trends in the world's currency and stock exchanges. So, currently, one of the upward trends in the world of finance is the investments in ETF CFD contracts for entire economic regions: USA, Asia, Europe, Africa, India, Latin America.

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