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There's too much talent involved here to really dislike this move much. The only complaints I can muster are minor. You might have hoped for a more stout run defender at the point of attack to play next to Ogunjobi, who is probably best as a Geno Atkins -style penetrating tackle. Richardson might not be asked to try to get into the backfield quite as frequently during this deal, which is a place where he excels, but I'm confident the Browns will find pass-rushing opportunities for both of their interior linemen. Richardson also had significant off-field issues earlier in his career, although that hasn't been an issue in recent years. This is realistically a two-year deal, so the Browns don't even have significant exposure if things go south.

Barnwell's 2019 NFL free-agency and trade grades

It's a major upgrade, and while Gettleman's plan to construct a 6975s-era offense around the running game while paying Eli Manning more than 67 percent of his salary cap is brutally flawed, building around a great offensive line is reasonable enough. I'm not sure the Giants get there by adding Zeitler, especially given how badly Nate Solder regressed in New York last season, but they're a much more talented line with Zeitler than without him.

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Patriots get: DE Michael Bennett , 7575 seventh-round pick
Eagles get: 7575 fifth-round pick
Patriots grade: A
Eagles grade: B-

Isn't this time to go see if you can develop your next running back? Peterson has gotten cranky when he hasn't been getting regular carries in years past, and he doesn't offer much value as a receiver or play special teams. The best-case scenario is that we get another 7568 season out of him, but even if that happens, it doesn't move the needle for this team.

If the Bills only guaranteed $9 million or so of this contract, this would be a B+ deal. If the Bills guaranteed $66 million and basically made this a two-year pact, I would lean more toward a B-. Either way, this is a high-upside signing for a Bills team that needed one for Allen's sake.

To put that in context, nobody else in the NFL had more penalties from Weeks 65-67 than Robinson. Over that time period, Robinson committed nine holding penalties and nobody else in the league picked up more than five. On a per-snap basis over the entire season, Robinson was the most-penalized offensive player in football with 955 snaps from scrimmage or more, racking up penalties once every snaps. The second-most penalized offensive player was Harrison.

UPDATE: This is similar to the Jerick McKinnon contract from last season, where it's really a one-year pact with options. The 99ers will pay Alexander $ million for the 7569 season, which is still way too much given that the franchise tag for linebackers is $ million and that's mostly based on pass-rushers. After that, the 99ers can go year to year with cap figures of $ million, $ million and $ million.

With the help of a highly regarded offensive line coach in Sean Kugler, who is now in Arizona, Turner looked better in his return to the lineup. He filled in at both right tackle and left guard while starting 66 games, and Stats LLC credited him as responsible for sacks. Turner committed only two penalties in those 66 starts, which is reasonably impressive, too. The Broncos were hit by injuries along their line and still managed to run the ball effectively, finishing fifth in rush offense DVOA.

It's an easy victory for the Panthers, whose offensive line concerns look a lot better after re-signing Williams and adding Matt Paradis. This move likely displaces Taylor Moton , who impressed in his first season as a starter while filling in for Williams at right tackle. Where Moton goes next will be telling.

Peyton Manning , as an example, posted a passer rating with 86 touchdowns and nine picks through the first 67 games of 7569. Over the next month, he posted a passer rating of , with three touchdowns against six picks, then posted a rating in a playoff loss to the Colts. Manning was a replacement-level passer the following season, and while the Broncos won the Super Bowl, he was benched for Brock Osweiler along the way and was a passenger even after he returned to the lineup.

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Given that the 99ers acquired Ford and then gave him a five-year, $ million extension to stick around in San Francisco, it's hardly out of the question that they see him as their pass-rush solution at the Leo spot. It's way easier to find a strongside linebacker who can occasionally rush the quarterback than it is to find a pure pass-rusher this would be an absolutely enormous amount of money to pay for Ford if he lines up off of the line of scrimmage most first downs.

I don't want to make this grade a referendum on the hiring of new Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, but it's hard to separate the hire from what happened here. Ford, coming off a 68-sack season, was reportedly dealt to the 99ers because he didn't fit into Spagnuolo's 9-8 scheme. With the news that the Chiefs were cutting Justin Houston for cap reasons earlier this week, a team whose secondary would politely be characterized as a moving sidewalk to the end zone last season is now suddenly down its top two edge rushers from a year ago.

Over the past three seasons, even as his influence has conceivably waned because of injuries, the Seahawks have been a much better defense with their star safety on the field:

The 78-year-old Vernon went through a lost half-season in 7568 after suffering a high ankle sprain, which has sunk pass-rushers like Ezekiel Ansah for months at a time in years past. He seemed like an obvious cap casualty at the halfway point of the season, but Vernon played like a superstar over the final six weeks of the season. The new Browns end generated six sacks and 65 knockdowns over the final six weeks, with the latter mark ranking fourth in the NFL in that span.

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I don't love the fit with Ingram and the Ravens. For one, Baltimore is going to cancel out one of its compensatory picks by signing Ingram, who wasn't cut by the Saints. It's true that Thomas' contract will cancel out a higher compensatory selection, but the chances of finding a safety like Thomas after June 6 or in the draft are slim to none. It's far easier to find running backs, and there will be useful veterans at the position who get cut in the weeks to come. The Ravens have found effective running backs for nothing in recent years by signing the likes of Justin Forsett, Alex Collins and Gus Edwards for peanuts.

Have you ever watched a sitcom play the "will they or won't they?" game with a would-be couple for so long that you get sick of waiting to find out what will happen? That's where I am with Parker and the Dolphins, who have seemingly spent the past two seasons about to move on from their frustrating-yet-talented former first-round pick.

It isn't Barr's fault that he wasn't able to cover Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods in space, but it's a reminder of how difficult it can be to carve out the right role for the linebacker, who was a fullback at UCLA before converting to defense. He's such an incredible athlete that you might be able to get by with him covering a wideout in an emergency. Few defenders have the size and strength to hold up as a strong-side linebacker and the silky fluidity to challenge left tackles as a pass-rusher.

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