How to trade using put options

How to trade using put options

This is why many traders love trading stocks that look like they’re ready to move in an instant. A great way to find these ready-to-move stocks is by trading off news catalysts.

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Having enough trading volume means that there are always enough buyers and sellers active in the market, ready to take the other side of your order. This means that you can easily get in or get out without pushing the price around too much.

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But be warned! Trading outside of regular market hours can be tricky. There’s generally far less liquidity. That means it’s harder to get a trade filled without knocking the price around. Make sure you know what you’re doing before you venture into the after-hours arena.

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To help you wrap your head around what technical indicators look like and how to use them, here are two recent examples of potential technical indicator setups:

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Traders who missed entering a trade on the initial break of the support level could’ve still profited from the down move by short-selling when CWCO retested the level.

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You probably already have your favorite stocks. We recommend you stay up to date on those stocks with news catalysts both before and after trading sessions. They can lead you right to the action, but you’ve gotta see them before you can act on them.

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Trading stocks can seem so simple. You just need a brokerage account with some funds in it. Then, when you’re ready, you log into your account and place a trade. Straightforward right?

For example, say you buy a stock for $ and place a stop loss at $. If the stock declines to $, that’s your cue to protect your capital and get out!

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All these patterns can be completely overwhelming. Many newbies will learn the basics of a few patterns then they place bad trades. They haven’t fully learned what makes a great chart setup and what doesn’t.

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Outside of these hours, you can still place trades in pre-market and after-hours sessions. Trading in these sessions can give you the opportunity to act in the event that a stock’s price will likely move the next day, due to the evening news, for example.

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With a good stock screener, you input the exact trading criteria that you’re looking for, like chart patterns or a combination of technical indicators. Once you set your markers, the screener quickly scans and returns a list of potential trading candidates.

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