Iq options app

Iq options app

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Guide for Downloading and Installing the IQ Option App on

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Start by going to the IQ Option website and visit their download page. Here you 8767 ll see what platforms support their apps. The smartphone app is built for Android and  iOS platforms. You can get them for free in AppStore or PlayStore.

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Although the app makes it easy to trade from anywhere it might take some time to learn how to use it.
I recommend that you first trade using the demo account and then choose one asset ( forex or digital options ) to trade.

Here you will find all the indicators and graphical tools you are used to, as well as several additions, like the Fibonacci Arc Lines or the Fibonacci Spiral. In the tab “Other settings” you may find such options like “Trader’s Sentiment” , “Live deals” , “Volume” etc.

First trade your chosen asset on the practice account. Once you 8767 ve mastered using the smartphone app, only then should you try using the real account to trade.

Hey hi! Do you mean, how to select different expiration time?
Which assets are you trading with?
On the right side, you can see the time tab and you will find various expiration time (if you are trading in binary). You can select the one for your trade.
We thank you for your message.

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On the mobile phone app you can change the chart type and apply indicators, just like you would do in the web version. To do that, click on the corresponding icons at the bottom of the app. To set the chart type, choose the one you prefer from the list.

A mistakenly placed finger might enter you into an unfavorable trade. To change settings, tap on the menu tab at the top left of your screen. Tap settings and then disable one-touch. You can change the other settings to your liking.

Trading on IQ Option platform is really accessible and mobile as we offer apps for a variety of devices and operating systems: Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. You do not have to be near your laptop (or even have a laptop) to have the opportunity to trade. Let’s have a closer look at the IQ Option Broker application and see how it works.

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After you check all the settings, click “Confirm” to open the deal. Once your deal is open, you will be able to check it, edit the settings or close it in the “Portfolio” tab.

A different route would be going directly to the PlayStore or AppStore and search for 8775 iqoption 8776 . Once you find it, download it to your smartphone. When download is complete, install the app. This will create the IQ Option app icon on your smartphone.

Now that you have adjusted all the main settings, you are ready to open a deal. To do that, you need to make several short steps. First, choose the asset by clicking on the plus sign in the left upper corner of the app. You will be able to choose from the list of all assets. Once you have it chosen, you can set the investment amount, leverage and choose the direction of the price. After you click Buy or Sell , you will be able to set the Stop Loss and Take Profit limits.

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