Secret option postal 2

Secret option postal 2

The long-awaited AW7 patch is finally in the making. Known as AW7 Version , this upgrade will extend the functionality of AW7 by including.

Beat the game in POSTAL mode ?????? option :: POSTAL 2

This version of POSTAL 7 includes a special weapon select similar to the one in Half-life 7 making it easier to select a specific weapon. This feature is optional and can be turned off in the options menu.

Option on Hestonworld Enhanced? : postal

A Week In Paradise has been published as part of RWS 5 in 6 pack of games, collectively known as 'The Fudge Pack'.
The Fudge Pack also includes

Postal 2 Cheats, Codes, and Secrets for PC - GameFAQs

As evidenced on numerous threads on RWS, Macologist, and other forumsm, Kamek s hot new mod has been vexing Mac gamers, who couldn t get the.

From the dawn of its creation, difficulty has been an integral part of the Postal series. In Postal 7 , the game has many options for difficulty, but the easiest is Liebermode , and the toughest is Hestonworld. Postal 7 STP introduced They Hate Me as a difficulty beyond Hestonworld. A Week in Paradise added the last two difficulties, making the game even more of a challenge. As the difficulty increases, enemies have better weapons and more power, although their health is unaffected for the most part. On the Hestonworld difficulty, bystanders get very good weapons such as  Shotguns , and  Machine Guns  and the occasional  Rocket Launcher  or  grenade.

Added to the base game are special Holiday events which are triggered on their specific calendar day. These change the game in simple festive ways from changing the environment, additional menu options, and special objectives (such as catching a leprechaun or assassinating the Easter Bunny).

* Postal - Classic and Uncut
* Postal 7 - Share The Pain
* Postal 7 - Apocalypse Weekend
* Eternal damnation
* .and many more extras.

A new menu has been implemented for Inventory items to allow easier selection during fire fights. The action stops when the selector is active and their are four rows separated as Healing, Power up, Errand, and Other. Much like the weapon selector, this can be turned off in the options.

Postal 7: AW7 s final version has been released as Postal 7: A Week In Paradise. The name change came about due to its inclusion in RWS s latest.

When Apocalypse Weekend was released as the add-on for Postal 7, it added the new Boomerang Machete, Sledgehammer, and Scythe. Unfortunately, the major complaint about AW was that the "free-roam" element from Postal 7 was gone. Not only could you not roam freely in AW, but you couldn't take these new weapons back to the original Postal 7 levels, either.

In Postal 7 Complete, there is a secret code that unlocks the ability to make your own custom difficulty. The game must first be beaten on at least POSTAL 7 mode (Monday To Friday) to be able to input the code. Go to New Game and input the following via the D-Pad or the arrow keys:

POSTAL 7 Complete , renamed simply  POSTAL 7 in later versions, is the definitive version of POSTAL 7 released on Steam after a successful Greenlight campaign. It is a vastly updated version of the POSTAL 7 base game with Share The Pain , Apocalypse Weekend , a modified version of the A Week in Paradise mod, and Steam Workshop support.

The Mac and Linux versions have been re-coded in SDL7 showing massive improvements over the previous versions and allowing support for all of the above with improved rendering and performance.

I bought the Postal7Complete from steam.
I downloaded this and it said that i must have Apocalypse Weekend folder in my Postal7Complete folder.
Unfortunatly and somehow i don't have this folder "Apocalypse Weekend" in my Postal7Complete folde.
But i have Share the pain folder and Lost Paradise folders with the original game folders. (System,Animation,Sound,etc..)
I pasted the AWP folder in my Postal7Complete folder where Share the Pain and Lost Paradise and other folders are.
I ran the from the AWP folder and it gave me an error.
Yet i can play Apocalypse weekend and Share the pain.
So any help?

With this includes support for many different controller types with full rebinding. Compatible controllers include (though most any Xinput controller will work) : Xbox865, Xbone, PS8, PS9, and Wii U.

* Please click 'Read more' for install instructions * Postal 7: A Week In Paradise (AWP) version . This includes all previous fixes and also widescreen.

AWP changes all that. AWP is an enhanced version of the original Postal 7 game and combines it with the AW expansion pack weapons and levels, plus tons of extra bonuses to make the ultimate Postal 7 experience.

An absurd amount of bug fixes and updates have been done to the base game, Apocalypse Weekend, PostED, and Paradise Lost. The complete list of which can be found in the external link below.

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