Trend line trading

Trend line trading

On this chart, you can see there are several trend lines drawn. This is due to a change in the state of the market as indicated by the arrows. At various points on this chart, the market will thrust to the upside, find a price point, consolidate, and push off again.

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The rules were followed, the ratio of a risk of 6 to 8 reward was put in place, and the trading strategy worked to perfection! Here is the trend line trading youtube video we have produced to help you follow the strategy easier.

4Trading Strategies For The Trend Line Tactician

The beauty of this trading strategy is that it uses a single trend line for two purposes. The same trend line defines the retracement and triggers the trade.

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This full report will show you detailed information about this strategy and why it works so well. It will also show you more examples of this strategy. Get the Trendline Trading Strategy PDF.

Indicators: No forex indicators are required but you should know your reversal candlesticks patterns , as they are very helpful in giving you signals to buy or sell when price touches the trendlines.

It is possible that a trend line bounce setup is a more conservative strategy. For a retracement trade, the guideline is that the deep retracements mean conservative trades.

Now, some people may decide to use profit targets while others will take more of a position trading approach with trend lines.  They are trading the trend and will only exit when the trend has shown itself to be broken by a break in the trend line.

That said, drawing trendlines whenever possible can aid new traders in spotting the overall trend, while also highlighting small trends and corrections within that overall trend.

During an uptrend, the price makes higher highs and higher lows. As long as that keeps occurring, if the price moves below the trendline it doesn t necessarily mean the trend has ended, the line may just need to be adjusted.

Therefore, while you can use trendlines as a guide, use more precise criteria for entering a trade, such as a move back in the trending direction, an engulfing pattern (where the next bar is larger than the previous one, engulfing it), or an indicator that adjusts more precisely and quickly to changes in volatility.

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This Trend Breaker Strategy is simple and yet effective. There is no need to stress and worry that you made the wrong trade. You follow the rules and do not let anything else make you back out of a trade. If it follows the rules, execute the trade with confidence.

In some cases drawing trendlines along extreme highs and lows works, but when it doesn t, draw trendlines of best fit. Since the trendline isn t being used as a trade signal, it still provides you with relevant information about the trend, without the need to constantly readjust it.

If you use trendlines as just a guide, then you don t need to worry about drawing trendlines along the exact highs or lows. Draw 89 trendlines of best fit. 89 The best fit trendlines still provide you with a visual trend and alert you to potential trade areas.

What you want to see here is an inability of the market to rise above the broken trend line. If a broken bullish trend line resists the market from rising higher, a reversal is likely.

Typically, you would have more than just one trendline in play. At any given moment you could draw many trendlines, all showing the price movement over various periods of time. 

For any trading strategy to work, you must be consistent. Do not draw trend lines in a haphazard manner. Stick to a set of clear rules for drawing your trend lines.

Hello Vijay, whatever the market does to trendlines is out of our control. You just trade the trendline bounce or the trenline break. Yes you will see consolidation after trendline breaks and the way i trade them is to make sure consolidation happens in a level of importance ,like a broken trendline retest and then confirm with reversal candlesticks to buy or sell

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