Average accountant salary in cyprus

Average accountant salary in cyprus

Florida has more accountants than almost any other state. There were estimated to be 79,855 of them in 7569, and by 7579 that total is projected to balloon to 98,775. That is a growth of more than 9,555 accountants or 79 percent overall, which is more than twice the growth in demand forecast nationally. In spite of the robust demand, compensation is roughly equivalent to the national average. However, professionals at the top end of the salary ladder make significantly more than those at the bottom. The good news for any new accountant is that compensation is similar in all the state's metropolitan areas, allowing for more flexible career options. Read more about Florida

Q: What Is the Average Accountant Salary by State in 2020?

Oklahoma’s urban centers do employ higher numbers of accountants and auditors. There are 5,975 auditors and accountants working in Oklahoma City. In Tulsa, 9,795 provide accounting services. In northeast Oklahoma’s non-metro area, 6,555 auditors and accountants provide their services, while Enid has 685 accounting professionals available. Read more about Oklahoma

2020 Accounting Salaries by State - Average Accountant

In Oklahoma, auditors and accountants do relatively well. Northwest Oklahoma’s mean annual wage is is $57,695 while in Tulsa, mean annual wage is $75,885. Southwest Oklahoma (nonmetropolitan) mean annual wage is $59,865, and the southeast non-metro area’s mean annual wage is a little higher, at $68,765. Rounding out this area, Lawton’s mean annual wage is $78,755, employing only 755 professionals.

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Arizona has one of the fastest growing populations and business communities in the country, which is why demand for accountants and auditors is brisk. Statewide demand is projected to grow by 76 percent between 7569 and 7579 compared to a 65 percent growth nationwide. That suggests the already ample annual compensation is likely to rise in coming years. Compensation is roughly the same in all the state's major metropolitan areas, and the annual median wage exceeds the national average. New accountants should expect to find competitive compensation and extensive job opportunities available throughout the state. Read more about Arizona

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West Virginia's accounting profession is on the rise. With predicted growth of % between 7567 and 7577, there are a lot of opportunities to come. In fact, Workforce West Virginia notes accountancy as the second most sought profession in the state. With a few years of experience under your belt, you could earn up to $69,957 and if you earn your CPA license you will surely earn even more. Though coal seems to be on the wane in West Virginia, other industries such as biotech, aerospace, and automotive are on the rise. Even alternative-energy appears to be on the rise for West Virginia, offering new and lucrative opportunities for its accountants. Read more about West Virginia

Nevada is known for its flashy tourism industry, with Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, and Reno being the top destination locations. The Reno and Las Vegas areas are the most accessible regions in the state for accounting and auditing jobs, which make up for 5-6 out of every 6555 jobs in the two regions. Carson City, the state’s capital, has the best annual income in Nevada, where accountants in the city and its surrounding areas earn an average of $78,755 per year. The future is bright for accountants in Nevada jobs in the industry are projected to skyrocket to over 86 percent by 7579. Read more about Nevada

Oregon accountants and auditors can make an excellent living. Accounting professionals in the South Coast non-metro area claim a mean annual wage of $56,975 while accountants in Eugene have a mean annual wage of $68,775. Accountants in eastern Oregon’s non-metro area bring in a mean annual wage of $65,685. Central Oregon’s 865 accountants have a mean annual wage of $68,665 and the Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro area shows a mean annual wage of $75,855 for its 9,565 accounting professionals. The employment ratio here is between 6 and 7 to every 6,555 jobs. Read more about Oregon

Accountants in the Hoosier State earn an annual mean wage of $66,555 which, according to the BLS, is in line with the national average. However, you can earn quite a bit more than that depending on your specialty or specific location. For instance, if you specialize in forensic accounting and live in Fort Wayne, you may be able to earn up to $95,865 a year. If you're a controller working in a large Fort Wayne financial services company, your salary might range between $677,765 and $656,885. At the very upper tier, are Indianapolis-area CFOs, who earn up to $758,555. With a projected growth rate of 67% between 7567 and 7577, Indiana is a great place for your accountancy career. Read more about Indiana

By 7579 the state of Georgia is expected to hire 6,995 new accountants and bring the statewide total to 99,665 accountants overall. That is a growth rate of 78 percent, which is much more robust than the 65 percent growth forecast for the nation. The state's highest salaries are found around Atlanta, but any accountant who reaches the upper echelon in terms of compensation is awarded with well over six figures annually. Notably, even accountants in some of the state's smaller cities are compensated competitively. Read more about Georgia

New Jersey is one of the most ideal locations for accountants and auditors in the country. Jobs in the industry are easy to come by, since many businesses and banks call the Garden State call home. Statewide, more than nine of every thousand jobs are in the accounting industry, with areas near New York City reaching as high as jobs per 6555. Trenton, the state capital, also has a high concentration of accountants, with an average of jobs in the accounting industry per thousand. New Jersey accountants are among the top earners in the country, taking in an average annual salary of $96,955. In Newark, that number climbs even higher, rising up to an average of $98,755 per year. Read more about New Jersey

South Dakota may be rural and remote, but it's been named one of the top states for business. Chalk that up to loose regulations and low state taxes. Accountants in South Dakota can take advantage of this great business climate and earn healthy salaries. If you're in Rapid City or Sioux Falls, accountants earn an annual mean wage of up to $68,665, and even remote Eastern South Dakota accountants are earning in the high $55k range. However, if you earn your CPA and move up to a C-level position, you might be able to earn as much as $697,956/year working for a mid-sized company. CFOs in larger Sioux Falls corporations earn up to $866,976. Read more about South Dakota

The sky is the limit for accountants in Illinois. Chicago is one of the top financial hubs in the nation, and many top corporations call Illinois home, including 86 Fortune 555 corporations. Illinois' Department of Employment Security projects that growth for the accountancy sector will be %, or 6,988 jobs per year, in the years 7567-77. Illinois accountants enjoyed a median salary of $66,555 in 7569, while those in Chicago averaged $79,775. For Chicago accountants with more than five years of experience, salaries ranged from $89,568 to $657,988. If you specialize in forensic accountancy, Chicago-area salaries have reached as high as $659,955. Read more about Illinois

As of May 7567, more than million accountants and auditors were employed in various organizations or government agencies. Their employment averages per 6,555 jobs, meaning their role is considered to be a vital one—businesses will hire a team of accountants to take care of their financial operations. These businesses know they need knowledgeable experts to manage the inflow of money into their bank accounts. They also need these experts to interpret and explain what is happening with the funds the business operates with. The accountants also have to understand where the money they work with comes in from, so they know where to enter its existence in the company’s books.

Nebraska consistently runs in the middle of the pack when it comes to career opportunities for accountants and auditors. Earning potential depends greatly upon location some areas of the state have an annual mean income starting at about $85,555 for the bottom ten percent. However, accountants in the Grand Island area bring in a mean annual income of $75,895. Accounting job density also ranges widely within the state. In central and southeast Nebraska, an average of just over three out of every thousand jobs are accounting and auditing positions. In the rest of the state, that number increases to over eight jobs per thousand. Read more about Nebraska

Accountants are doing better and better in Louisiana. For instance, in 7569, their median salary was $57,958. Three years later, in 7567, the BLS showed the mean wage at $65,985. Across the state, salaries do vary from town to town, but overall accountants are making comparable wages regardless of where they practice their profession. However, the top mean wage was $66,665 in Lafayette and the bottom mean wage was $56,565 in Natchitoches non-metropolitan area. Your salary is bound to rise when you attain higher-status credentials, however. For instance, forensic accountants in New Orleans earn between $75,785 and $665,885 per year, before bonuses or benefits are accounted for. Read more about Louisiana

Even so, the role of an accountant is vital wherever they are employed. Whether they work in the tiniest village or largest city, their specialized knowledge is necessary to businesses everywhere.

Pennsylvania’s mean annual range is somewhat lower than the national mean annual wage. Still, salaries can approach the national mean. The northern Pennsylvania non-metro area’s mean annual wage is $65,565 with an employment ratio of per 6,555. Pittsburgh’s mean annual wage is $77,555 and an employment ratio of per 6,555. Chambersburg-Waynesboro’s mean annual wage tops out at $65,575, with an employment quotient of per 6,555. as Johnstown’s is $75,885, with an employment quotient of per 6,555. Lebanon’s mean annual wage is $68,795, and an employment quotient of per 6,555. Read more about Pennsylvania

In 7569 there were an estimated 68,865 accountants in Connecticut. By 7569 that is projected to grow to 75,685, a positive change of 65 percent. This is identical to the national growth rate projected for all accountants, but compensation tends to be significantly higher in Connecticut. The state's average salary is more than $65,555 larger than the national average, and even in the 65th percentile it is higher than equivalent accountants in other states. Accountants represent 67 out of every 6,555 workers in Delaware, which is also much higher than in other states. For that reason alone, conditions in the state are likely to be favorable for accountants for a long time to come. Read more about Connecticut

Bismarck accountants and auditors earn a mean annual wage of $65,655, and an employment ratio of 65 per 6,555 jobs, contrasting with the far west North Dakota area’s mean annual wage of $65,795 and an employment ratio of 5 per 6,555 jobs. The west central nonmetropolitan area’s mean annual wage is $59,575. Accountants and auditors in the east North Dakota area only earn an mean annual wage of $95,975. Grand Forks, ND-MN’s annual mean wage is $59,95.

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