Brand crossover strategy

Brand crossover strategy

Brand crossovers aren’t new. But every once in a while, we find a few that are  just right  for the messaging of the brands involved, and the audiences they’re trying to connect with.


Creating and managing a brand network requires a higher level of coordination between different parts of the business, and a more frequent evaluation of portfolio and architecture opportunities. It requires new roles to manage the corporate brand and the brand portfolio, and the inclusion of portfolio decisions as part of the planning process. To achieve consistency to express the corporate brand, various functions such as PR, Corporate Communications, Corporate Responsibility and Investor Relations should also be more closely aligned

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False positives will increase when using a shorter TRIX period and decrease with a longer period. A longer period will produce a longer lag between the times the trend changes and the time the TRIX crossover happens.

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A longer TRIX period results in a smoother, slower changing line that is less sensitive to noise. A shorter TRIX period will respond faster but is more sensitive to false reporting. By convention, the signal period of the TRIX should be shorter than the TRIX period. This is because the signal line is averaging the TRIX, which is already a smoothed series.

4Branding Structures When Multiple Products And Services

Just as brands were beginning to perfect how to engage with Millennials, a new generation with different trials and tools is coming up to challenge everything we think we know. Defining Gen Y as 75-89 and Gen Z as 66-69, we are taking a deep dive into the ‘what’s next’ for brands.

This is the end product in finding undeniable appeal. It is where messaging and content are incapable of being denied the ability to attract, interest, amuse and stimulate the mind or emotions for a purpose.

A lot of customers went home  angry and empty-handed , showing the downside of introducing a brand that everyone wants a piece of in such limited quantities. But if Target’s goal was solely to get eyes on their own brand and entice shoppers to rush through their doors, there’s no doubting their success.

Knowing how to calculate the TRIX is not necessary to use it. There are several TRIX indicators available that will do all of the calculations for you and plot the output on the chart.

A TRIX crossover happens when the signal line crosses the TRIX line. A bullish crossover happens when the faster TRIX line crosses up through the slower signal line. A bearish crossover is the reverse. It happens when the TRIX line crosses down through the signal line. These events are marked on Figure 6.

Is the brand relevant in the minds of your customers? Is it clear what you do or offer, or do you regularly hear, "I didn't know you did that?". Can you leverage synergies across your products?

Think you can simply tweak your brand messaging for the next generation of consumers? Nope. Gen Z is already bringing a whole new set of values, expectations and behaviors that are remaking the brand landscape.

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Another prime example of this is Google, which has employed the "branded house" strategy with Google Glass, Google Play, maps, books etc., as well as a "house of brands" strategy with Nest, Fiber, etc. However, as the company began moving into driverless cars, health care, and other fields, they were growing more distant from their brand promise and corporate mission.

This is referred to as "house of brands." Examples include P& G with Pampers, Bounty, Tide and Charmin Newell with Rawlings, Rubbermaid, and Elmers and Mars with Orbit, Snickers and Twix.

In the mid-7555s, LEGO struggled with the problem of giving their designers  too much  creative freedom, spawning a mess of overly-complicated products and a failed cartoon starring LEGO characters that were too confusing for kids to even play with.

One other thing to consider is the potential confusion the individual brand route can cause in the marketplace. For instance, Centrieva, an accreditation management software for higher education had launched a series of new products, each with its own brand name and all for a tangential market. Their customers and prospects were becoming increasingly confused about the offerings.

Answering these will help you get to the root of the best approach for your brand architecture. Of course, you'll also want to take assessment of your company's goals. Keep in mind, as strategist David Aaker put it in his book "Brand Portfolio Strategy ," product portfolios should touch on these key factors: Relevance, clarity, leverage, differentiation, and energy.

This is where the strategy and positioning is utilized to develop messaging and content that has undeniable appeal in any form of marketing material. This includes brochures, posters, print, outdoor, TV ad to radio spot, online display, digital banners/interactive ads and streaming videos.

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