Cara bermain olymp trading

Cara bermain olymp trading

. If the Client violates any terms of the Agreement and its integral parts listed in Cl. ., including the refusal to undergo the necessary checks and provide the necessary information, the Company has the right to repudiate the Agreement, to void any Client’s transaction, to close one, several, or all the Client’s trades at any time at its discretion, and stop rendering the services to the Client, returning or without returning the funds to the Client at its own discretion. Any violation of the terms listed in this clause deprives the Client of the right to demand a payment or a refund from the Company.

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. The Subject of the Agreement is the definition of the general conditions regarding execution of transactions (making trades) by the Company, the content and procedures for which are established in the Agreement. The Company establishes the conditions of transactions (trades) and may amend the essential terms at its own discretion, may introduce restrictions on the number of transactions simultaneously made and introduce restrictions on the number of trades the Client can make within a time frame established by the Company, and other restrictions on trading at its discretion.

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. This Agreement is concluded in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (hereinafter referred to as “Country of the Company’s Registration”) and is governed by the laws of the Country of the Company’s Registration. The Services under the Agreement are provided in the Country of the Company’s Registration.

. The Agreement enters into force from the moment of its conclusion (at the time of the Client’s registration on the website or in the Company’s Trading Terminal) and is valid for an indefinite period.

. All orders made in the Trading Terminal using the Client’s password will be considered to be made by the Client unless otherwise specified by the Company.

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. The Client understands and agrees that, if the Client behaves inappropriately during conversations with a Company’s representative, the Company reserves the right to repudiate the Agreement unilaterally.

. The Company reserves the right to consider the Client’s breaches at any time, regardless of when the breach took place, and if the breaches are discovered by the Company, to take measures in accordance with the Agreement.

The company takes maximum care to ensure that the functional characteristics of the terminal are clear even to the person who just opened earning opportunities. However, a key feature of the Olymp Trade platform is the trading of an early closing of the transaction (it operates almost 75% of the time from the moment of position activation). It is beneficial to use this feature in the following situations: when the transaction is in a profitable position, but due to unforeseen circumstances there is a high probability that the price may change its direction by the time of the trading expiration when the transaction shows a negative result, and prospects for further change in the trend are not observed (in the case of early closing, the trader is limited with a loss of 75-85% instead of 655% of the amount of the deals).

. The Parties have agreed that they will make every effort to settle, by means of negotiation, all disputes between the Company and the Client related to transactions, payouts, and other actions provided for by the Agreement.

. To ensure that the Client who entered into the Agreement is aware of all the amendments and addenda to the Agreement, the Client shall visit the Company’s website or trading platform by himself/herself or with the help of the authorized persons at least once a week to find information about the amendments and/or addenda.

. In addition to the dispute resolution procedure established in Cl. .-., the Client may file a court claim subject to the obligatory compliance with the aforesaid dispute resolution procedure. The dispute resolution procedure is deemed to be complied with if:

. The Company reserves the right to prepare and use the text of the Agreement and its appendices in languages other than English. If there are contradictions between the text of the Agreement and its appendices in English with the corresponding texts in other languages, the text in English will prevail. The text of the Agreement published on the Company's website prevails over the text of the Agreement published elsewhere.

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. The Client is granted a limited and non-exclusive right to use the Trading Terminal only for the purposes specified in the Agreement. In this case, if the Agreement is terminated/repudiated for any reason, the Client’s rights to use the Trading Terminal specified in this Clause will be terminated upon the termination/repudiation of the Agreement.

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. Fixed Time Trade: a derivative financial instrument (trade) consisting of two operations: Making a trade and Closing a trade. The Company does not provide the Client with the opportunity to assume obligations exceeding the trade amount (the Company does not provide the Client with leverage).

Like most brokers, the primary payment method of depositing real money funds include the use of a credit card and debit card. Bank wire transfer and other e-payment solutions such as Skrill and Neteller are also available. Customers can also pay using the latest cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

. Closing of a Trade: a transaction in which an open trade is closed upon the Fixed Time Trade Expiration Time agreed on by the Parties when a trade is made. Prematurely Closing of a Trade: a transaction as a result of which the Client and the Company agree on the essential conditions for a sale by the Client of the derivative financial instruments formed at the time of Making of a Trade before the trade is closed at the Fixed Time Trade expiration time. It is only possible to prematurely close a trade if the Company and the liquidity provider have the technical capability to do so. The Company may unilaterally and at its discretion provide or refuse to grant the Client the right to the Prematurely Closing of a Trade.

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