Copyop social trading review

Copyop social trading review

Social trading platforms were first introduced in currency trading. The idea came from the world of social media. Integration of social networks– like Facebook and Twitter –revolutionized communication methods used in everyday life. People also want interaction and other people’s opinions on issues that have previously been private. The benefits of socializing have also become apparent to many, when your decisions are not relying only on your own knowledge it is easier to avoid the most common mistakes and pitfalls.

Copyop Review | Is it a Scam? Full Investigation

Copyop is a social trading platform. If you prefer 655% automated trading software that doesn’t require as much work or effort from you, then you should check the following pages and learn how you can make money while you sleep!

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At copyop, it’s a win-win situation as the trading professionals are rewarded with copyop coins for each new copier they get. These coins are equal to real money.

Copyop is not your typical binary options trading site and it’s not meant to be. It is a little hard to describe because it is more like a follow the leader type site than it is a true binary options trading site. It could probably more easily be compared to an auto trading robot that tracks people’s trading skills as opposed to asset analytics like most auto trading software does.

Everyone should try copying from the best traders if they want to learn how to do it better. Copyop makes this copying super easy. Stupid if you don 8767 t try. Even automation helps you to understand trading better. For that I would try option robot and that is my next move. Binary options make my investments easier than ever. Michael what else you would recommend for automated trading that stocks and indexes? How this robot performs with other assets?

We 8767 re currently only reviewing social trading networks which allow investors to auto-trade, . follow and automatically follow the trades from other traders. The focus in our reviews is more on the auto-trading capability and performance, though we also touch on the social networking features. We 8767 ve included images about the different platform interfaces which we 8767 ll try and keep up-to-date as they evolve.

The Copyop mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. It is an excellent, user-friendly social trading app for those who wish to trade on the go.

If you have the patience and time to really search for the best investors to copy, the results produced by this software platform are extremely good. You should not copy random investors without thinking, otherwise you will lose your money. If you are a good investor, Copyop also provides you the opportunity to share your knowledge and earn significant amounts of money doing so.

It is also important to remember that you don’t copy other investors investment sums, only their investments. Because of this, I recommend monitoring successful investors who generally invest the same amounts as you. Then your results will be close to the trader’s results.

It’s easy to sign up as there is no cost involved and it takes less than five minutes. You can register to use this social trading platform either directly with CopyOp, Facebook, or you can use the AnyOption site and bag yourself a deposit bonus which you can also use on the CopyOp site. However, you must place a given number of trades in order for you to access the bonus. Should you want to try out the site, simply make a small deposit so you can test it for real if you have any doubts. You may register from a PC or even straight from your smartphone. Both the web portal and the mobile application provide clients with support in over 65 different languages. We have exclusive deposit bonus for our readers, you can claim this limited offer by clicking this link or the link at the top of this page,

You will notice that, as soon as you appear on the front page, you start to get followers and copiers at a very fast rate. Now, when you have a number of followers, you get Copyop coins with each investment you make. Coins are directly convertible to cash. When you have one hundred copiers, you get 755 coins with each investment

All transactions are secured through SSL-connection. This way, they can assure that your confidential data cannot be taken by anyone who should not have access to it. All customer funds are kept completely separate

It's the best thing: within hours! Watching and understanding all of the Copyop Academy videos can be done within an hour and you can immediately try out what you have learned. If you act fast and choose some active traders, you can start making a profit today.

One of the big drawbacks with Copyop is that you can only see the last three trades an investor makes and not a complete history of the clients trading or their current open trades this is consistent with other sites that allow social trading also. The most useful stat is probably the trader’s hot percentage when factored on their last 675 trades. The lack of detail on the trader that you want to copy is what keeps people from doing social trading a lot of the time.

Your robot will assess a wide-range of factors, and then make a prediction on how the assets price will move, saying: Call (up) if it believes the price will rise and Put (down), if it believes the price will fall.

It depends on how much money and time you are willing to invest into Copyop. If you are just starting out with the minimum $755 investment, you can expect to make a few hundred dollars a week. If you deposit over $6555, you can expect a much higher return as well!

This platform acts like any other social community you may already be familiar with. For instance, you have a News feed, an Explore section, a Notification system and your own personal Profile that can be updated with a unique nickname, photo and other personal details.

However, as mentioned earlier, using the copy service ensures you receive slightly lesser returns than when you make those same trades yourself, and this is the cost for using this service. This difference is what CopyOp uses when rewarding the traders you have copied, and to manage the service no doubt, as well as to generate additional revenues.

For each copied investment, you will be paid two coins. The value of 65 coins is €65 the value of 755 coins is €55 and the value of 655 coins is €655. The maximum amount of copiers is 655, so you can earn up to 755 coins on one trade. If you make ten trades per day, you can earn 7,555 coins or €555 per day. In addition to this, you will still get all the profits that you make for yourself by trading.

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