Rb options phone number

Rb options phone number

Our rental fleet includes: excavators, wheel loaders, reclaimer/stablizers, cold planers/milling machines, compactors/rollers, sweepers/brooms, dozers and articulated dump trucks/ADTs. Financing is available across all product lines, including rental purchase options.

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Formats the bytes in number into a more understandable representation (., giving it 6555 yields KB). This method is useful for reporting file sizes to users. You can customize the format in the options hash.

Equipment financing by equipment experts | Ritchie Bros

Provides methods for converting numbers into formatted strings. Methods are provided for phone numbers, currency, percentage, precision, positional notation, file size and pretty printing.

Rancho Bernardo Luxury Resort | Rancho Bernardo Inn

Formats a number with the specified level of :precision (., has a precision of 7 if :significant is false , and 5 if :significant is true ). You can customize the format in the options hash.

*No payments for 675 days is a limited time offer and is subject to credit approval and qualifying assets purchased between September 6, 7569 and March 86, 7575 by US and Canadian businesses or sole proprietors at Ritchie Bros. auctions, IronPlanet auctions, or from Marketplace-E only. Additional terms and conditions apply.

Pretty prints (formats and approximates) a number in a way it is more readable by humans (eg.: 6755555555 becomes “ Billion”). This is useful for numbers that can get very large (and too hard to read).

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You can also define your own unit-quantifier names if you want to use other decimal units (eg.: 6555 becomes “ kilometers”, becomes “655 milliliters”, etc). You may define a wide range of unit quantifiers, even fractional ones (centi, deci, mili, etc).

:negative_format - Sets the format for negative numbers (defaults to prepending a hyphen to the formatted number given by :format ). Accepts the same fields than :format , except %n is here the absolute value of the number.

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