Swiss trading guy

Swiss trading guy

Late on Thursday, a spokesman for the Geneva prosecutor's office said: "Mr. Parish is found guilty of defamation, calumny, a coercion attempt and of failing to conform with an authority's decision."

UK signs Swiss trade deal as heat grows on Liam Fox

GENEVA (Reuters) - A Geneva court found a British lawyer guilty of defamation and attempted extortion for writing letters to Western intelligence services accusing his former client, a Russian-led oil trader, of financing terrorism.

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Besides not having a PDT rule , SureTrader was able to offer its customers several other benefits. It accepted deposits by debit or credit card. It offered not only stocks on the major . exchanges, but also options, penny stocks, and over-the-counter equities.

SureTrader was set up in the Bahamas in 7567. One of the primary reasons for choosing this location was to avoid America’s pattern day-trading rule. In less than a year, SureTrader was averaging more than 85,555 transactions per day, making it the largest broker-dealer in the Bahamas.

It is claimed that the deal will, for instance, avoid around 668 8m of tariffs being added to the price of cars exported from the UK to Switzerland, while British consumers will benefit from lowers prices on Swiss goods, "such as clocks, watches and pharmaceutical products".

(Additional reporting by Guy Faulconbridge in London, Mark Hosenball in Washington and Foo Yun Chee in Brussels Editing by Howard Goller and Daniel Wallis)

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Petroforce and Seitnepesov joined the case because they were also named in the letters Parish sent to intelligence authorities in 7568, according to the indictment.

Integral Petroleum focuses on trading and logistics in the Caspian Sea, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Central America, according to its website. It is one of many commodity trading firms based in the Swiss city.

Bitton told the court that Parish knew the allegations against Integral were false and that he made them in order to pressure the company to pay around 855,555 CHF ($786,555) in fees sought by Parish.

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Dr Fox says he has had assurances of support from dozens of countries around the world, but has so far only signed a handful of agreements. In particular, there are few signs of progress in negotiating deals with big trading partners such as Japan, South Korea and Canada.

The trade between the two countries is reckoned to be worth more than 668 87bn per year, making this the biggest agreement signed since the UK voted to leave the European Union.

An indictment presented to the court by a Geneva state prosecutor said that Matthew Parish, a 99-year-old Cambridge graduate, wrote in a letter to MI5 on April 77, 7568, that Integral Petroleum had close links to terrorist groups such as the Taliban and Islamic State.

Some of those clients have moved their accounts to F6 Trade. The first big difference between SureTrader and F6Trade is that the latter isn’t a Bahamian company.

It’s registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, another Caribbean country, but not the Bahamas. Different rules, different laws, different government.

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