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United traders instagram

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Instagram has turned beer trading from a niche community to a full-fledged social media movement. Like many older-internet fan communities, the beer trading forums and web communities of yore pride themselves on their learning curve of entry and inside- baseball lingo as one veteran trader shared to All About Beer, “If you’re new, they’re intimidating. People are ruthless. You post a deal and either get crickets, four people who want to work out a trade, or 98 people saying you’re an idiot.” But the advent of social media has brought beer trading to more and more people’s attention — including mine, though it was via a “horror story” about a brewery catching a fan offering its beers up for sale (technically illegal if you don’t have a liquor license) on Instagram before he’d even gotten them, and then canceling his order.

Read more: Why the price of oil is continuing to free-fall after a historic supply cut x7569 xA5 and when experts think it may finally reach rock bottom

Plunging oil prices come despite a recent deal signed by OPEC and its allies to reduce the supply of oil by almost 65 million barrels of oil per day as countries scramble to mitigate the economic impact of coronavirus. xA5

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Much of the oil is being stored on 65 super tankers, also known as very large crude carriers (VLCCs), which have a capacity to hold more than 7 million barrels each, Reuters reported.

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The weak prices have caused an analyst to warn that WTI could crash to $65 a barrel as US rig counts, the number of active oil producing facilities have also fallen to a four-year low. xA5

Whether traders make connections on forums or social media, Thomas stresses the overall friendliness of the community: “I’ve just met people through trading and at breweries, where, they have all these cool beers, you talk to different people. Everyone’s extremely nice it’s a super-friendly space, where you’ll trade with someone and they’ll send you something extra just to be friends and foster good relations for future trades.” It’s a practice that’s mirrored in other trading communities—a good but somewhat surprising parallel is the digital community of slime lovers.

The number of beers available to the average drinker have increased nearly fivefold, according to All About Beer magazine. And many of them are regional: craft breweries, especially the small ones, often have stringent distribution limits, based on geography, timing, and availability. Combine all that with the cultish followings that can so quickly develop around ultra-hyped beers, and you’ll understand why beer shopping for many has turned into a full-fledged collector’s hunt.

Naeem Aslam, chief market analyst at Avadetrade, said: The steep fall in the price is because of the lack of sufficient demand and lack of storage place given the fact that the production cut has failed to address the supply glut.

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The closely-watched Baker Hughes oil rig report showed that as of Friday there were 559 active oil rigs in North America, down from 6578 at the same time last year.

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Slowing demand for oil has pushed the US oil to enter contango, a situation where spot prices are lower than the futures prices. A contango indicates slowing demand for oil in the interim. xA5

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